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User avatar #35263 - pottslande
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(08/01/2012) [-]
Hey social, I think a question like this was asked a long time ago. Any of you have any special powers?

My special powers include

1) Being able to be unnoticed by people, even when not in a large crowd. I can be standing in plain sight, and somehow if I just put my mind to it my good friends will just walk right past me without a second glace. I love freaking people out with this.
2) Being able to command blood to move to various parts of my body (without, or with very little meditation). I can move blood to my head whenever I'm tired/have a headache/am down, and it clears up my vision and my general world perception. I also move blood to my arms and legs to relax them or decrease pain in those areas. Finally, and my most used ability, I can draw much of my blood away from my extremities into my core. It creates an interesting tingling sensation and makes me feel dizzy, so I only do it to give myself a wake up.
3) Being able to observe all sorts of details and hear many conversations Often, I'm not able to tune this out. Malls are the worst. ._.
4) Being able to remember anything that piques my interest. I can quote most of, say, Chicken Run off the top of my head, or point out small details a book to movie left out, but I can't remember important but uninteresting shit to save my life (I suspect this is a power I share with many).
#35369 to #35263 - listenherebitch
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(08/01/2012) [-]
I can go incognito in any situation
Be able to instantly get a boner, in any situation
I can hide things and take things like fucking Sherlock without anyone noticing
Have Deja Vu fucking constantly, leading to to see into the future via history repeats itself, but only small things
I can say the words "And prom's tomorrow!" In any terrible situation, and people will laugh
that's all I got
#35360 to #35263 - insufferableprick **User deleted account**
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User avatar #35280 to #35263 - gmarrox
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(08/01/2012) [-]
1) I can see my future in small amounts in my sleep.
2) I can feel when people around me are sad, happy, upset, bored, etc. even if it isn't obvious.
3) I have exceptionally good hearing at random times.
4) Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing things in slow motion and in incredible detail.

And then it's not really a power, but one time when i was high with a friend we locked eyes for a second and i felt like i was him staring back at me. It was weird.
User avatar #35281 to #35280 - syrenthra
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(08/01/2012) [-]
DOOODE I'm the same way with the future in sleep thing.
#35267 to #35263 - anon id: f7565301
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(08/01/2012) [-]
1) Concentrate on pain and it will be removed within a minute
2)See future in my sleep- I've had some SERIOUS deja-vou moments and when I think of where I've seen them, always in my dreams.