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Science has proven that smoking marijuana has no long term effects on the lungs other then actually increasing the lung capacity
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Yep, scientists did a study of a few hundred marijuana smokers and their lung capacity was around 94% but when they were smoking marijuana for a few months their lung capacity went to 97%

It isn't from marijuana really, but it is from intaking the smoke and forcing your lungs to take in more air
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Well actually, It is true that Smoking Anything will cause damage. But It's been proven that Mj has it's benefits. The main study they base the whole "Cancer" Fiasco over was done in the 50's or 60's. And they pumped Marijuana straight into a monkey's airway for a majority of the time it was awake. That would mess up anyone really. and it has also been tested ( But not proven) That Proper Marijuana use can help with some forms of cancer. It dulls the cells Regeneration speed, and makes it to where less chemo has to be given... Now like I said, Hasn't been proven fully. I'm not saying your'e wrong or anything. But I support Marijuana. But can understand your point of view. (AriZona Tea is The Shizzzzzzzzzzzz)
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Im pretty sure im not that stoned that I dont know where it comes from since it usually comes from my closet but then again what do I know, do I even exist?
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