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Do you think I could Anna Kendrick if my memes are top-notch and I say nice things on twitter?
#121246 - icanpaintyay
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**icanpaintyay used "*roll picture*"**
**icanpaintyay rolled image** this roll determines my fursona
#121247 to #121246 - icanpaintyay
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#121245 - braindeadmetalhead
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(11 hours ago) [-]
Is it socially acceptable to give up on life?

>diagnosed crippling anxiety
>diagnosed severe depression
>On meds, 150mg venlafaxine, 100mg trazodone
>Can't leave the house because of anxiety.
>haven't been truly out of the house for 3 years.
>friendships ruined
>relationships ruined

At this point in my life...i don't know what to do. I can't work because of my anxiety. I have tried to work. I've had 2 jobs. One was at a general store, First day on the job i locked up behind the cash register. Started to get tunnel vision, hard to breathe, etc etc. Got fired. Second job was at a warehouse. My therapist told me that maybe i should try a warehouse job. Since there isn't much socializing there, anyways. I got a job at a warehouse, went through the whole briefing stuff. Go on shift, work, everything seems to be going fine. So i think to myself "wow, maybe this is will work". Go on break, walk into break room. Everyone was in there. As i step through the door, i felt everyone turn around and just stare at me. I heard everything go quite. My heart starts beating faster and faster. I start getting tunnel vision. i leave the break room and burst into tears due to the overwhelming thoughts of what just happened. My supervisor comes up to me, tells me to go home.

I just feel like the best solution is to just give up. My anxiety and depression are controlling my life. And i have no control over it. No matter what i do, no matter what medicine i take, it will always be there. I don't know what to do anymore. I contemplate suicide all the time. I feel like it'll fix everything. I wouldn't feel anxious anymore. i wouldn't feel depressed all the time. I wouldn't feel anything anymore.
#121250 to #121245 - hamshef
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(4 hours ago) [-]
Have you tried art? If you think your bad at art, realize that most of the best artists in the world only got to where they were by practicing every day, and if your anxiety keeps you inside all day, use that time to practice art. Find something you like and just start drawing. It can be nature, maybe a cartoon from your childhood, or even something abstract, whatever you enjoy. I find that it also helps deal with stress.

You will also eventually have the chance at making money on art through commissions online. Sure it doesn't pay as much as most jobs would, but it's better than having no job at all.

Trust me, as someone who has suffered from depression before and sort of still is and has become pretty bitter and cynical of society, I find art to be relaxing. If you wanna know where to start, as I was wondering when I first started drawing, look up videos of Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting series on YouTube and draw/paint along (or as in my case, use Paint.NET ). It helped me create drawings like this, and note that I haven't really drawn anything since middle school and am currently an Accounting Major in college, so I was horrible at drawing anything more than simple stick figures until I recently started following along with the Bob Ross videos.

Please consider trying this out before making an unreversable decision and post some pictures in this thread cause sharing art with others is a good way to get feedback and suggestions
#121251 to #121250 - hamshef
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(4 hours ago) [-]
also, if you wanna have lots of laughs while drawing, follow along to VineSauceJoel's Mario paint stream videos while he tries to draw along to Bob Ross paintings with you.
He is funny as hell and also can draw funny cartoons.
This is a great way to draw art for the fun of it at first and is a really enjoyable experience.
Also Bob Ross's voice is really calming and he had been in the army before but later chose a more peaceful life of painting so his conversations really give you a new perspective on life Vinesauce Joel  Bob Ross Mario Paint  Part 1
#121249 to #121245 - TheseChocodiles
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(6 hours ago) [-]
don't give up, you are still really young and there is so much time for you to work on getting better.
have you had CBT?
#121244 - meierme
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(07/24/2016) [-]
I have always looked at death in a different way than most. The best way I can think about explaining it is that I look at it the same way I looked at getting out of the military. When you are within a couple months of getting out you stop caring about things. You know that there is very little they can do to you in that time period. You feel free. I feel that death is far more of a blessing than a curse. I think if I got cancer or became terminal, other than the pain that accompanies it, I would feel like there is little more that life can throw at me. No more taxes, work, bills, people letting you down, pain, and best of all; loneliness. I only mention this because lately I have been feeling like I shouldn't care anymore. Like something is telling me I should stop worrying. I'm not suicidal or anything, but I feel like something is going to happen to me. Like I'm going to get hit by a car or something. I'm not afraid or anything. I don't have a girlfriend, my dad is dead, my mom has cancer, I haven't talked to my siblings in years, and I have very few friends. There isn't many it'll effect, so that actually feels good. I guess all I can hope for is that its quick and painless.
#121243 - anon
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(07/23/2016) [-]
Why do women make a big deal out of everything??? They take small arguments and make big arguments out of them. fucking hell.
#121241 - blazingsoul
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(07/23/2016) [-]
What the fuck is this? Why is the video changer different?! I don't like change!
#121238 - mrpotatofudge
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(07/22/2016) [-]
**mrpotatofudge used "*roll picture*"**
**mrpotatofudge rolled image**
i had turkey tacos last night

they gave me indigestion and im only now shitting their rancid shitty shit out of my pung hole around 27 hours later

god damn my asshole burns
#121240 to #121238 - mrpotatofudge
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(07/22/2016) [-]
my stomach is hurting again
i had some shitty costco hot dogs around mid day and then some chicken salad sandwhiches for dinner

why do i hurt this way

#121231 - groundzero
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(07/19/2016) [-]
#121230 - luvsickemo
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(07/19/2016) [-]
Hey guys, I'm just trying to keep this a surprise so I can't post this to Facebook or anything. I figured that if you guys wanted to help out that would be great, either way thanks for looking at this comment
#121228 - anon
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(07/17/2016) [-]
how much money do i need in order to be an immigrant in canada?
#121237 to #121228 - ilovehue
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(07/21/2016) [-]
#121234 to #121228 - Conquistador
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(07/21/2016) [-]
>Wanting to move to canuckistan.

Top kek.
#121229 to #121228 - platinumaltaria ONLINE
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(07/17/2016) [-]
Silly anon, immigrants don't have money.