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Different versions of the multiverse
1. The many worlds interpretation if quantum physics which is.. isn't it the opposite of the Copenhagen interpretation (named after danish physicist niels bohr)? The Copenhagen interpretation states
a) that one timeline collapses as another is observed.
While the many worlds interpretation states that as
b) there are... Infinite universes parallel to us, right?
ba) are they temporally or spacially parallel or
bb) If they are both, that would explain the feeling of deja vu, which basically is the slamming together of parallel selves (I think that it is God that shows us that we are doing the right thing and therefore is rewarding us with a somewhat.. strange feeling it something. Idk.
(X. Bonus. Quantum immortality. How's it work?)
2. String theory (developed by Dr. Michio Kaku)
a) a whole 9 different dimensions. Or something along those lines.
b) a multiverse too, no? I've heard something like it
c) a solution to the question of what the ultimate constituent of matter is, thiugh, I think it us naive to think that we will understand just because.. we exist and we have no electron microscope powerful enough to measure them. It's called electron microscope for a reason.
3. M-theory (I know Stephen hawking was big on that one for a while or maybe still is, not.sure
To my knowledge, M-theory is simply a concept for extra dimensions.

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Bluenebula please respond when you can and you're free.
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This board is deeeaaad
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