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What is spam?

- Multiple postings of the same comment over and over on the same page or between multiple contents at the same time period.
- Posting the same content over and over in a short time period.
- Advertising/posting URLs/promoting websites or businesses.

Please link to the content/comments/profile if you have proof of spamming.
#6315 - anon (12 hours ago) [-]
Red thumbs tons of NSFW content
User avatar #6308 - funnyhard ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
Autistic provocateur:

#6309 to #6308 - ponyminecraft (17 hours ago) [-]
You are the one who is harassing me. Just stop.
User avatar #6310 to #6309 - funnyhard ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
#6311 to #6310 - ponyminecraft (17 hours ago) [-]
It's you who keeps going to my profile and disliking anything I say or post. If anyone should be reporting anyone it's me
User avatar #6312 to #6311 - funnyhard ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
Everyone dislikes your pony-faggot-shit, stop acting like you didn't know that before.
User avatar #6306 - nomisdk ONLINE (08/27/2015) [-]

Linking to a fishy as fuck website that may or may not be malware
User avatar #6307 to #6306 - funnyhard ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
the movie-stream works though
#6301 - anon (08/27/2015) [-]

All his posts are variants of "XD".
#6298 - anon (08/27/2015) [-]
Got this guy spamming diaperfurs everywhere making a scene. /user/diaperfurry
#6292 - falloutvictim (08/26/2015) [-]

samefag using mutilple accounts to shitpost, even made some based on my name to shitpost me
#6297 to #6292 - anon (08/26/2015) [-]
the proxy getting proxy'd. Now that's ironic
User avatar #6291 - garymotherfingoak (08/26/2015) [-]

spamming diaper pics across frontpage content
#6286 - anon (08/24/2015) [-]
User avatar #6281 - funnyhard ONLINE (08/23/2015) [-]
Not sure if spam but is only providing links to his video:

User avatar #6280 - demandsgayversion (08/22/2015) [-]
There's an anon who is thumbing down every comment I make.

You haven't gotten rid of thumb blocking, but you haven't implemented IP blocking for non-posters - which you said would come "soon" months ago. Fix your broken website.
#6299 to #6280 - anon (08/27/2015) [-]
>literally blocks everyone
>they can't thumb him down with their account so they are forced to thumb down as anon
User avatar #6304 to #6299 - demandsgayversion (08/27/2015) [-]
Your shitty attitude only justifies your block. Same with the other cunt.
#6302 to #6299 - anon (08/27/2015) [-]
true story
plus the guy is so paranoid he seems to think every anon who thumbs him or talks to him is the same guy whos been harassing him

at least skeletorexplains realised blocking everyone wasnt such a good idea and unblocked people

demandsgayversion here just keeps them blocked then wonders why people hate him
#6283 to #6280 - anon (08/24/2015) [-]
are you serious?
you talk shit, get red thumbed for it....then cry to the mods that the red thumbs hurt you?

*hugs* there there little kid...it'll be okay....
you just need a nice hot cup of man the fuck up
User avatar #6284 to #6283 - demandsgayversion (08/24/2015) [-]
I don't block for thumb reasons. I even made a post about how thumb blocking should go the fuck away /Get+rid+of+thumb+blocking/text/5661671/

I blocked you because you are a shitty person - a rude person, an annoying person - and your harassment as an anon totally shows me as more than justified in doing so.
#6287 to #6284 - anon (08/25/2015) [-]
aka "boo hoo poor me i cant handle rules, admin should remove the rules"


your tears are like torrential rain
User avatar #6288 to #6287 - demandsgayversion (08/25/2015) [-]
I'm not the one who harasses people because they followed the rules.
#6289 to #6288 - anon (08/25/2015) [-]
no you just harass people because they have different opinions

youre worse than skeletorexplains
User avatar #6290 to #6289 - demandsgayversion (08/25/2015) [-]
I block people who are full of hatred. How can I harass someone who I go out of my way to avoid? Literally blocking all communication.
#6293 to #6290 - anon (08/26/2015) [-]
so youre admitting youre a hypocrite

on one side you bitch you want admin to remove thumb blocking and then say you want to avoid all contact with people you hate

how the fuck does that work if you allow blocked people to still thumb you
User avatar #6294 to #6293 - demandsgayversion (08/26/2015) [-]
When blocked people thumb me, and then notice they're thumbed, that's when they get mad and start being assholes as anons. But if we got rid of the accursed thumb blocking system, then they wouldn't notice they were blocked until they go to say something, which is less often, and may go on to forget instead of being reminded every single time they want to thumb.
#6295 to #6294 - anon (08/26/2015) [-]
or...we could keep the site running the way that works with blocking mean blocked instead of your way that just annoys stupid people who cant remember who blocked them

admins made his choice and him deleting your bitch post means fuck your opinion
User avatar #6296 to #6295 - demandsgayversion (08/26/2015) [-]
I deleted my own post because I figured you'd comment on it and I could block your IP address, and an anon commented and I blocked his IP address and deleted the dumb post, but apparently it wasn't you.

And no, the website doesn't work this way. You're being a total asshole BECAUSE of the system in contention. I talked to Admin about it before, and after the initial calling me names and being a cunt, he saw that it's shit and said that he would either let everyone IP block any anon, or that he'd make it so that blocked people's thumb didn't count, but they weren't told that it didn't count. Admin agreed to the very problem I'm stating, which is literally the opposite of what you suggest.
#6303 to #6296 - anon (08/27/2015) [-]
okay you linked me to see your post then deleted it because youre scared someone might say something to disagree with you on it
again only wanting FJ to say what you want to hear.......

plus youre still backpedaling over your own argument...
you claim to want to block people and avoid all communication BUT you want thumb blocking gone?

plus whats the point of making it so blocked peoples thumbs dont count....you gonna pay admin to specially re-code the site to make an exception for blocked thumbers.....why not keep it the way it is that they cant thumb at all...acheives the same result....
User avatar #6305 to #6303 - demandsgayversion (08/27/2015) [-]
I deleted it because it was a dumb post and I just wanted to get you to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE

Yes, I want to block people FROM COMMENTING, but I don't care if they thumb. And when they get upset that they can't thumb me, THEY COMMENT MORE.

#6285 to #6284 - walhor has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #6278 - nomisdk ONLINE (08/20/2015) [-]
/user/leahpayne "My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 18k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out,,
This is what I do... "
#6275 - anon (08/19/2015) [-]
...wtf why was I banned? Some mod assumed that because I hated the mod community that I was some other person?

You fucking dipshits really ban people on assumptions like this? ...and then you have the audacity, the fucking audacity to wonder why I hate you people? You banned me off of no evidence, I'm not fucking David you idiots.

/user/politicalassassin my account
#6279 to #6263 - anon (08/21/2015) [-]
this one too

#6267 to #6263 - anon (08/18/2015) [-]

oh are we up to 'update 6' now?
implying the mods listen to anything you say

they ignored the previous 5 'updates', what makes you think theyll even read this one
#6268 to #6267 - walhor (08/18/2015) [-]
Well it worked twice before dind't it?

And it sure as hell snapped you off, even to this day you still proxy me.
#6269 to #6268 - anon (08/18/2015) [-]
it worked before you pissed of all the moderators
now i can make a million proxies and the mods wont listen to your tears

git gud wallsy,.....ill be proxying you for a couple years more just to cherish your stupidity
User avatar #6270 to #6269 - walhor (08/18/2015) [-]
Ah yes as always you wont corporate with anyone.

You seem really upset over those previous bans though I guess those wounds never really healed did they?
#6271 to #6270 - anon (08/18/2015) [-]
no im actually happier now....
my new account gets alot more green thumbs than the last ones....guess having a themed account is more popular

thanks for helping get a better account wallsy, i get double the fun with popularity and seeing you getting ignored by the mods

and cooperate with who? so far the only one i wont cooperate with is you, id cooperate woith mods but....guesswhat.....they dont say anything to me because they dont care about your problems to ask me to stop
#6272 to #6271 - walhor (08/18/2015) [-]
corporate with what exactly? proxy'ing?

don't your racist narrow mind always say point at black people for 'dindu nuffin'

and here you are as a hypocrit doing the exact same

The irony is str0o0o0oøng
#6273 to #6272 - anon (08/18/2015) [-]
lol incoming logical fallacy thread

how did this go from proxying to racism
and you cant even spell cooperate.....how can i corporate with people?
am i meant to start a FJ corporate business with other members?

du er ikke en klog mand
User avatar #6274 to #6273 - walhor (08/18/2015) [-]
> Logical fallacy
> Says I can't spell
> Said "woith" fat fingers? AND NO CAPITAL ON I'S?!

And using google translator dosen't really do anything lel.

Spark i æ løgsuppen konrad
User avatar #6277 to #6276 - walhor (08/19/2015) [-]
User avatar #6266 to #6263 - mudkipfucker (08/18/2015) [-]
i can confirm both people are the same user
User avatar #6264 to #6263 - walhor (08/18/2015) [-]
Oh and this /user/notjohncena new user that has no activity other than thumbing it seems. and alot of anon thumbs aswell

#6262 - anon (08/18/2015) [-]
hey its lulz

you guys can suck my dick

you cant take me off this site but I appreciate you trying, its very flattering the amount of care put in
User avatar #6261 - funnyhard ONLINE (08/16/2015) [-]
spammer: katienoble

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