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Please upload a screenshot with your bug report! It will help us diagnose and fix the bug more easily.
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#4706 - anon
(06/11/2015) [-]
stickied by admin
For now, India, Russia, Pakistan, and Turkey IP addresses can't post content or vote. There was too much spam and and vote cheating from them so for now all I can do is disable them.

In the future I'll make it so OLDER accounts from those countries can still vote/post so the legit real users from there can still FJ.
#4138 - anon
(04/16/2015) [-]
stickied by admin
Only I can see screenshots.

Please make sure your bug hasn't been posted already
#7159 - mrshaal (06/23/2016) [-]
Channel blocking still broken.
#7158 - toastertheguy (06/21/2016) [-]
I keep getting notifications that my comment made it to the top whatever number but there's no where to go to see the other top ranked comments.
Under the Layout Settings I have "show top comments on front page" enabled but I don't see them anywhere.
#7157 - Benka ONLINE (06/20/2016) [-]
Dude can't post comments here pls fix

#7156 - anon (06/19/2016) [-]
when browsing I randomly get a no content found and get logged out for no particular reason the image is of one of the times it happened
I first saw this error coming up june 17th aroun 21:00 eastern time and has been continuing up till now .
#7155 - hanekiwi (06/18/2016) [-]
can't delete comment comment in question is /Swedish+flag+is+illegal+ban+natonalism/funny-pictures/5951124/3#3 , nothing really offensive or whatever, I just don't feel about what i wrote anymore . "delete comment" pop up the dialog, but hitting OK doesn't delete the comment. Issues on both Firefox and Chrome
#7154 - meowmeowman (06/16/2016) [-]
Channel blocking still broken.
#7153 - meowmeowman (06/14/2016) [-]
Channel blocking still broken.
#7150 - meowmeowman (06/14/2016) [-]
Channel blocking still broken.
#7149 - lazyboredom (06/12/2016) [-]
Funnyjunk seems to be eating about 40% of my intel i5 2310 CPU @ 2.9ghz, it seems to happen on random posts, as well as the front page. Any ideas as to why this might be?
#7151 to #7149 - urs (06/14/2016) [-]
If you are using MoZilla/Chrome, delete cache and other expendable data.
If you are using Internet Explorer (which, I doubt) stop using it.
#7152 to #7151 - lazyboredom (06/14/2016) [-]
That worked, thanks!
#7148 - snowboundgod (06/11/2016) [-]
Just posted this and it doesn't seem like anyone can see it or that it is in the newest uploads section.
This has been happening at random for a month or 2 now.