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#8919 - reptarrawr (09/16/2012) [-]
One house split in itself will not stand. The US gov is plit between donkeys and elephants. They try to gamble and fight over what will work over the peoples expense. America will not be #1 for much longer. post repsonses i am open to all
User avatar #9002 to #8919 - oxan (09/18/2012) [-]
America isn't really number one anymore, anyway. In fact, they were only ever 'number one', now that I think about it.

America emerged as a superpower after World War Two, but only because the Allies and the USSR flattened Germany. Really, it took the might of the world's two superpowers, as well as other powers, to crush one. Germany was, in fact, number one. The only reason the US was a superpower was because they had no other competition, because they and their allies destroyed it.

And now that industry in Germany and Japan has come back, and is still growing? I don't think it'll be long before Germany is reclassified as a superpower, along with Russia, and China.
User avatar #8925 to #8919 - buttmuncherscheven (09/16/2012) [-]
Number #1? What are we number #1 in? Most homeland security?
User avatar #8942 to #8925 - Patheos (09/17/2012) [-]
Most nukes, most prisoners per capita. I think that's it. Yup. Go America.
#8961 to #8942 - Ruspanic (09/17/2012) [-]
Actually Russia has more nukes than we do.
User avatar #8978 to #8961 - Patheos (09/17/2012) [-]
Hm. Last time I checked, we had 5,000, and Russia had 1,500. I may have gotten a bad source, I dunno.
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User avatar #8979 to #8978 - Ruspanic (09/17/2012) [-]
We have more active/operational nukes than Russia, but in terms of total inventory Russia has like 2000 more nukes than we do. (not that it matters - no one is ever going to need that many nukes)
User avatar #8924 to #8919 - laky (09/16/2012) [-]
China is going to be next #1
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