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#7171 - largenintimidating
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(08/19/2012) [-]

Thoughts on this particularly blatant piece of tinfoil propaganda?
User avatar #7176 to #7171 - akkere
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(08/19/2012) [-]
It's... Iffy.

It's pretty obvious this video is blatantly "Fuck Banks", and bullshits on a lot of levels, but some of it isn't bullshit

The bit about Banks lending to irresponsible people and not doing proper background checks which ultimately lead to the "To Big To Fail" dilemma is mostly true. It's also why I personally have a problem with the Bailouts being given with no strings attached, when we should have had the money be recognized as company purchases allowing government seizure of the banks and therefore ensuring proper management of the same people who paid for the bailouts' money.

"To Big To Fail" derives from the fact that if the Banks were to go bankrupt, too many people would be in the red as a result.

The part about JFK being assassinated because banks is a bullshit assumption, JFK banged heads with a LOT of different people in what he did, everything from the Communists with the Cold War, to the Mafia, to even Lyndon B. Johnson including his desire to pull out of Vietnam (which is actually more likely).

Jackson did despise banks and performed rather unorthodox methods to strangle them out, such firing secretary after secretary of treasure until he got one that was willing to withdraw government funds from the federal bank and into state banks.
Jefferson also seemed to hate central banks as well, and when he does the speech against the bank, the first thing he says is an actual quote, but I can't confirm right away that what he says after the depiction of the Bank's representative is also legitimate.

Can't confirm some other stuff right away, don't know much about this "Red Shield" business, but a lot of it is pretty clear cut bullshit.

Overall it's a bias presentation that I'd never show anyone who didn't know much about the dilemma with banks and the overall happening with the recession and the aftermath. It's mostly an emotional roller coaster that's designed to send a viewer up in arms against banks, that's pretty much it.