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#7173 - iamhollywood
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(08/19/2012) [-]
Prove me wrong.
#7254 to #7173 - nightstar
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(08/20/2012) [-]
Well, Since in the US constitution it says we have the right to life, her murdering an unborn American isn't a right she has, or a choice she gets to make.

I don't get to murder people and way I am pro-choice.

The guy is a deadbeat. State courts should make him pay child support.
#7186 to #7173 - goldenkilla
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(08/20/2012) [-]
since when equality meant that women have the right to step over everyone, even other women that dont belive in that
#7174 to #7173 - shadowallyx
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(08/19/2012) [-]
Its.....feminist....check.....and feminists are always wrong...checkmate