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#28986 - oxan
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(05/11/2013) [-]
Here's something to discuss. It comes from a resolution debated at a UN Youth conference I attended (which my teammate and I won). Should the UN maintain a 'standing army?'

Essentially, the resolution declared that a combined force of contributions from UN member states (set percentages for each region) would be on standby to enter a UN member state where there is a high risk of genocide, ethnic cleansing, etc, occuring within 48 hours of a UNSC Resolution being passed, or by order of the Secretary General of the UN.

What do we think?

As we were Argetina, and Argentina is supposedly a very active member of peacekeeping operations, we made a few amendments to appease the other states and passed the resolution unanimously. Not that I actually support a resolution, it's just something to discuss.