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#15672 to #15640 - anon (12/15/2012) [-]
Gun bans will never work in the US because there is a huge number of guns on the black market. Gangs, cartels, and mafias have millions of guns circulating throughout and into the US every day. The only way to find and confiscate all of them would be to create a police state, throwing us right into a dictatorship.

A ban is a lose/lose situation for the US. It will either send us into tyranny, or make us all sitting ducks for criminals.
#15654 to #15640 - Metallicock (12/14/2012) [-]
I'm I the only one that noticed that all of the recent shooting (the batman one, the mall one and the school one today) all took place some where that restricts concealed weapons?
Because the shooters know that the victims can't defend themselves.
And now they think taking guns away will solve the problem? They think it will make people safer?

dat logic

I'm not saying we should allow guns in schools, but taking guns away, defiantly_ isn't_ the solution.

I think a better approach would be to require locks to be placed on guns when not in use (if that's not a law already)
I know it won't solve every problem, but it's a start.
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You probably meant to use "definitely".
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oh, you
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It is something wrong with society that has to lead to these things being more common. There is no definite cause or causes of why, and there is no known solution.

To be honest I do not know what is worse. Technically today the rate of death from firearms is low compared to how it was in the past. But then again, a person shooting somebody else had a lot more motive and sense to it in the past.
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This is not a gun control issue. You're crazy if you think taking away legal guns would have prevented this, and even crazier if you think we should just start legally mandating concealed carrying on school campuses.
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More control on the manufacturing and distribution of guns would. No illegal guns would make the in place gun control actually do something.
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Side question: Did the school not have any kind of police officer in it? My schools have always had at least two officers that worked there and strict entrance security. It could be bypassed, but not easily.
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You literally just reiterated my point. Control over the distribution would lessen the flow of illegal guns, maybe not stop it, but decrease it by a significant amount. Gun control doesn't work simply because it's easy to still get a gun. If you could take that ability away somehow, it would work.
But it's not a coincidence that states with the strictest gun control have the most crime. The states with the strictest gun control are the ones with the largest cities and the most racial gang violence. Texas, California, New York. It doesn't have to do with the laws, but the inability to regulate the laws.
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I'm just going to stop because you're ignoring the point entirely. I'm not talking about gun regulation, I'm talking about distribution regulation. That is the reason gun regulation doesn't work, because there hasn't been effective distribution regulation. Maybe it's unattainable, but it could be tried.
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Its a moot point in America. Ability to bear arms is in the Constitution so your arguments mean nothing.
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yeah, the constitution wasn't designed to be able to be changed or anything.
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Well then change it.
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Actually casualties could have been limited if staff were allowed to conceal and carry firearms. If a nutjob wants a gun he'll go as far as getting on the black market. All making guns illegal does is limits the only source of guns to the black market, so pretty much citizens dont have guns and criminals do.
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Why does this continue to be a question? Gun control won't stop this sort of thing from happening. People who want guns bad enough will get them regardless of if its legal or not. Not to mention the illegality of gun control in the first place, as protected by the Constitution. The only government who wants to take away guns is one who fears revolution, or has plans that aren't going to be popular or legal.
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