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User avatar #15616 - Shiny
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(12/13/2012) [-]
Is it me, or has politics devolved from people arguing about issues to just treating political parties like sports teams and only caring about "their team" winning?

Almost every political debate I see online anymore seems to be more of a pissing contest about "I hate conservatives because blarghle blah race card" or "durr hurr Liberal Leftist indoctrination whatever". It terrifies me how people can be so obsessed with others.
User avatar #15630 to #15616 - mexicoman
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(12/14/2012) [-]
There is a certain venom that is appropriate to have when talking about issues of political importance, but its true that many of our loudest people on both sides devolve into sneering slogan repeaters. As a leftist, I believe there is a strong and prevalent problem in my elk insisting upon too many things as being racist. Bill Maher, for example, makes himself look fucking ridiculous about every time he talks about racism. Leftists also always overreact to gun rights people, like whenever a 'legalize-marijuana-why-don't-you-realize-you-are-creating-a-black-market' kind of person then turns around and lobs insult after pre-packaged label assignment at a gun guy who says the very same thing. I have to think this is just a problem of a lack of communication, people just care too much about their biased-in-their-favor news sources and other incarnations of echo-chambers.