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First four gym leaders for my comic.
Tempy, the Water type Gym leader uses a Horsea and a Basculin, Horsea being her signature Pokemon. Her name comes from the the a tempest, a type of storm, often found at sea. Her secondary job is a swim coach.
The second Gym leader is Thorn, a Grass type leader, and he uses a Ferrothorn and Roselia, the latter of which is his signature Pokemon. His name obviously comes from the fact that he uses thorn-themed Pokemon, and his secondary job is a police chief.
The third Gym leader, a Poison-type user named Eddie, uses Ariados (his signature Pokemon), Seviper and Croagunk. He is a newspaper photographer. His name is a reference to Spider-Man in that the alias for Venom is Eddie Brock. The fact that he is a photographer is also a reference to this.
The fourth leader uses Psychic types, and her name is Michelle. Her name doesn't really come from anywhere. Her Pokemon are Abra, Natu and Kirlia, the last being her signature Pokemon. She is a singer.
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loving it
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Good to know... I think.