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User avatar #33656 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
senortanto, I request a FJ pokemon league battle from you, whenever the time is alright for you.
User avatar #33658 to #33656 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
Sounds great, I actually just left to get a haircut and lunch and drop off my little sister at her friend's house. I should be home around 1pm EST unless something happens
User avatar #33659 to #33658 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
So around 2pm Atlantic? If I'm still at home. And I believe I still have your friend code from when we traded.
User avatar #33687 to #33659 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
User avatar #33689 to #33687 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
are you familiar with my gym's unique rules?
User avatar #33696 to #33689 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
Once it's in, no switching?
User avatar #33701 to #33696 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
yup and 6v6
User avatar #33702 to #33701 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
Alright, anything else?
User avatar #33703 to #33702 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
nope. lets go
User avatar #33705 to #33703 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
I'm in the WiFi room
User avatar #33715 to #33705 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
good game. You are allowed to challenge the gym again tomorrow, or you can retire and try and apply for a position as a gym leader yourself
User avatar #33717 to #33715 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
I can just imagine how "great" a gym leader I'd be, but I guess I'll try out later
User avatar #33720 to #33717 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
hey i'm sure you'll do fine. The point of a gym leader isn't to win every battle. In fact, gym leaders shouldn't have a winning record at all. if gym leaders were better than every challenger, then there would only be one. You're actually my first win in a while. Hey, shit happens. I think you've really got potential, but you just need to work on your knowledge a little. Like you missed some good opportunities. For exmaple, When my medicham killed your electrivire, that's when you shouldve sent out Chairzard since it is strong against it. just learn some more types is all. And most importantly, have fun with it.
User avatar #33721 to #33720 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
I wasn't thinking straight during that battle, and I was surprised when Charizard knocked Camerupt out, and even more surprised Metagross had enough speed to get in one last earthquake to take down a bit of your Camerupt's hp. But thanks man, and that was a fun battle.
User avatar #33725 to #33721 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
ya i was surprised too. I mean, a lot of this game is luck. Did you see my latest video on youtube? I lost a game because of a 6/100 chance. Thats why on the side of my trainer card you'll see the words "Get hit, keep moving" because sometimes in life and in pokemon you run into bad luck and there just ain't shit you can do about it. and here, watch this (this isn't my video) the next time you feel down on yourself
#33734 to #33725 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
I didn't see the video, do you have a link? And thanks man, you deserve this.
I didn't see the video, do you have a link? And thanks man, you deserve this.
User avatar #33735 to #33734 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]

and here's the link to my most recent loss
User avatar #33768 to #33735 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
Did you put it on YouTube yet?
User avatar #33772 to #33768 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
no i"m editting it now.Should be up between 6:00-7:00 pm EST. I'lltag u in the comment when i post the link here
User avatar #33773 to #33772 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
Alright, thanks.
User avatar #33738 to #33735 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
Chair-mode activate.
User avatar #33736 to #33735 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
Damn. I want a shiny Pory-Z now.
User avatar #33716 to #33715 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
and I'm gonna commentate this video and put it on youtube later
User avatar #33718 to #33716 - dragostarc (08/16/2012) [-]
User avatar #33707 to #33705 - senortanto (08/16/2012) [-]
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