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hahahahahahaha. Oh my god, I'm sorry. It's just that i've been flipping through the funnyjunk channels, and all i see are people posting images and having detached semi-conversations. Then, I get here, in the pokemon channel, where people are seriously discussing in depth strategy, legitimately having discussions, and being generally intelligent. Found my channel.
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Pokemon is a game not only of strategy, but of willpower, critical thinking, mathematics, creativity, peer-bonding, logistics, commitment, and personality identification. how you play is an indicator of the type of person you are in real life. if you rely on physical offense, you may have an abrasive personality. if you use a lot of Special moves, you probably think on a more profound level. etc, etc. Pokemon isn't so much about being entertained by an outside source like MLP or Avatar. those are just shows. but Pokemon requires you to use your brain to create your own entertainment. and that's what sets us apart from bronies and benders.

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ya know, i've been on this site a while now. i've been a part of various arguments and discussions where not everyone agrees with each other, and i've voiced my opinion in the presence of those with different views than me. so when i get red thumbs in those discussions, i'm fully aware that it's because i chose to take that risk when entering into a two-sided discussion.

but here, i thought we were all on the same page. am i wrong in what i've stated in the above comment? had i only gotten one red thumb, i would shrug it off, and simply attribute it to one person who i guess is in a bad mood. but upon the second one, i feel compelled to ask, did i say something to offend someone? i feel as though my comment only makes our community come off as stronger and more appealing. i certainly said nothing bad about it.

so, at the risk of more red, i implore you, enlighten me as to why is my comment being thumbed down?
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This may seem pretty weird, but since you mentioned MLP and Avatar in your post, people (from these communities would be my guess) are now thinking "lol dis nigga, he thinks pokemon is srs bussiness". Unfortunately, that's just how people work. Don't be mistaken though, this is what people who are into pokemon will do as well. It's not the problem of the community as a whole. It's the problem of certain people, who feel that they are part of something and they see some random dude on the internet, bashing one of their hobbies. They get mad, that's the least I can say. But, as I said before, that's just how the majority of the people work.
I too, think that Pokemon is an extremely challenging and well thought-out game. I've been playing for all my life, since Generation I and only 1 month now I have realized that there is a whole competitive scene in Pokemon, especially online.
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thank you. that makes sense. i hadn't considered that it may have been people from other online communities thumbing me down. being on the Pokemon board, my first thought was that everyone on here was a Pokefag like myself. i forgot that outsiders can read this board as well lol.
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Hehe don't worry, most people here are indeed Poke fags :)
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Pokemon serious bussiness.
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