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Fucking trigger warning man wtf
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So I moved into a new house recently with my parents and siblings.

The house is in a small town in the country side but it has some interesting history.

Essentially, the man who built the house we live in got angry one night and viciously attacked his wife. She survived but barely. She managed to get away due to help from the neighbours.

Our neighbours are pretty funny because they treat us like the family that moved into "that house". Everyone on my street remembers the night it happened. Anyway she survived and he was arrested. He was old though so they let him out to live out the last of his days. He returned to the house and died soon after.

Even better. Before the house was built my property was used by a vetranarian clinic. But the man who owned it practiced illegal disposal of animals that died in his care.
He dug a mass grave and buried them all together. Now my property is known by the Town as the "animal catacombs"

So basically ever since we moved in here we have had constant paranormal activity. It used to be daily but now it's around once or twice a week. Things happen in this house that are hard to explain.

If you guys are interested I could share some of the encounters I've had.
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The first account

So we got our first taste of what was to come on the night we moved in. My dogs would stand in doorways to rooms and bark but refuse to enter.

One of my cats was sitting in the hallway when he suddenly shot up and took off down the hall. He ran so fast that he crashed into a painting sitting on the floor and broke the glass.

One of my dogs will wake up regularly around 3:00AM to bark at nothing while he sleeps in my parents room.

The animals in general don't have a problem with being in the house but at random times they act strange.
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The second account

The wiring this house is odd. We have had electricians come in to install new lights but they keep overloading and blowing out.

But there are some electronic malfunctions here that can't really be explained by a short circuit.

The TV has turned off at random while being used. Something that has never happened before while using the TV in the last home.

One time while watching Netflix, words appeared on the screen in the form of a caption that said "do you want it here"
The caption had no relation to what the actors were saying in the show, and when we rewound and played it back the caption was gone.

We have an elliptical down stairs in the basement. When the climb button is pressed it will beep and the display reads "climb".
While I was home alone playing Xbox I heard the beep. But it wasn't once. It was multiple times, the beeping was fast and unintelligible. There was no pattern to it but everytime it beeped the climb mode popped up on the screen. As if someone was pressing the button.
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The third account

So we have a home security system installed to our house. It detects whenever a door is opened to the exterior of the house. It is important to note that at night time the alarm is set so it will go off as soon as the door opens. There is no chance to disarm it.

One day we went to review our log history of opening doors and such when we saw that for the past few days. Someone had been opening the front door and the basement door at 3:00AM. Despite the alarm never going off.
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The fourth account

So we bought a Ouija board from an old antique store. It's a 1960s Parker brothers set. Pretty cool stuff.

So me and some buddies got together and set up outside. We have a large garden out back with a huge wood table and candles.

So we set up and waited for night. Once it was dark enough we started the session. All of us touching the plachette had our eyes closed while one of us sat out and recorded the answers.

The results were as follows :

"Is there anyone here with us? "
" H-I"
"Why are you here? "
" U"
"Can you tell me your name? "
"I'm having trouble understanding you"
"Can you tell me where you're standing? "
" NO"

At this point the plachette forced itself past no and off of the board. Apparently this is a sign that you have released a spirit.
When we opened our eyes we realized that the candles we lit which were protected from the wind by a case had been blown out.

We decided to end the session.
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The fifth account

These experiences won't always be in order mainly because I can't remember when they happened or what order. But the following is around the second day I'm the house.

There is a small crawl space with a wooden doo at the back of my parents closet. One day my mom was putting her clothes away in the shelf. She checked for cats when she was done and then closed the door on her way out. A few hours later she returned and opened the closet doors to find the crawlspace door wide open and her clothes thrown off the shelves.
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My friend stayed at a house during a vacation or something idk and he and his cousin found a crawl space in the bathroom that led to a doll.
They did not touch it. Something about leaving things as they were and not to disturb thing.
Also you fucked up hard with the Ouija board thing. Try not to use it again if at all.
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Don't mess with those fucking ouija boards man, seriously don't

They should label them "How to invite an archdemon and other unspeakable horrors into your home, a simple 3 step guide"
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yeah man. you know, before the spirits take you away
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"It is alive but empty, with a cavernous fluid-filled space where the brain should be. A thin layer of brain tissue lines that cavity like an amniotic sac. The image hails from a 1980 review article in Science: Roger Lewin, the author, reports that the patient in question had “virtually no brain”."

"What scared me was the fact that this virtually brain-free patient had an IQ of 126.
He had a first-class honors degree in mathematics. He presented normally along all social and cognitive axes. He didn’t even realize there was anything wrong with him until he went to the doctor for some unrelated malady, only to be referred to a specialist because his head seemed a bit too large."

What do you all think about this? Full article: www.rifters.com/crawl/?p=6116
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if this is legit i don't know if i should be scared because that's fucking scary, or sad because a man with no brain is doing more with his life than i am
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alright everyone I got a really scary story about when I was younger, this is all real and my experiences have taught me that the paranormal do in fact exist.

my experiences began when I was young about 9 years old, I was felt scared and slept in my moms room, late that night I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water getting my water I glanced back into the kitchen to find the kitchen door open and a man standing in the door way he was tall bald and covered head to toe in fire, with a flaming snake wrapped around him, it was like looking into the devils eyes, I ran to my moms room and went back to sleep, to scared to tell my mom out of fear she would not believe me, I went to sleep thinking for years that it was but a nightmare.

years later when I was 12 years old (I am 21 now) I lived in a house in a more rural area, it was a nice 3 bedroom house with a finished basement, we lived there for about 2 years when odd things began to happen and it started with one of the 2 closets down in the basement the closets where the only things not finished in the basement as they had no doors, me and my 2 sisters and mom were watching tv in the basement where we had a second living room set up when we heard loud rustling coming from the closet far off in the back next to the garage door, we had thought it was a mouse, but after awhile the noise got louder and it was obvious it was not, my mom went and checked with a flashlight and found nothing then a few mins later it began again so we checked again and found nothing, it went on for about an hour and a half before stopping, this began my personal fear of this closet a year passed and nothing happened then one night cleaning up a mess of garbage that had built up beside the closet I felt a cold breeze and with that a presence I could not see rushed at me to my left with a noise I can only describe as a Bear hyperventilating, I jumped back frightened I had felt it there I had heard it, I just did not see it.

things began to happen to me after that I would enter my basement and when I was alone wadded up pieces of paper would be chucked at me from nowhere, I would feel like someone was watching me, I would hear voices saying ''hi'' to me in the shower, me and my family would every so often see a flash of blue light from under the basement door when we were in the upstairs living room, we would only see it when we were not paying attention.

it was when I was 16 years old when I then experienced the most horrifying thing in my life, I was in my bedroom changing when my cable box timed out and went off and my tv went to static, after changing I went to my tv to turn it off when I noticed a face in the static, it looked me straight in the eyes and then I truly knew what fear was, it stared and I stared for what seemed like forever when in reality was but a few short moments, I ran, it was not until later that I realized that I knew that face, it was the face of the man I had seen when I was 9, It was then that I knew it was not a nightmare but had to be in fact reality, before we moved to the house I live in now, I was in my room sleeping which connect to the hallway that lead to the bathroom, it is a one way hallway that only contains doors to my room and the bathroom, when I had seen a shadow pass my room into the bathroom, I sat up waiting for someone to exit, after about 30 min, I checked to find nothing, needless to say I was happy about leaving that house, I found out later that the house was built on an old civil war battleground, and I had found out from my mom that once when I was asleep on my couch in the basement that when she woke up one time (my moms room was also in the finished basement) she had seen a shadow hovering above me on the ceiling, only for it to vanish when she saw it.

That is my experiences, and with them I have a better understanding of the stranger thing in our world.
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Daily reminder that goats don't exist.
Daily reminder that goats don't exist.
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**Elk used "*ROLL PICTURE*"**
**Elk rolled image** Ghosts don't exist.
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Post more spooky!
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**actualsingaporean rolled user yeorgh ** this user has seen some otherworldly shit man i can feel it
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Okay, so I wanted to vent. I was taking a shit once when I was like 8, and I wasn't sure if my mother was home or if I was alone(she was probably picking up dinner or something), and I ran out of toilet paper. I open the door and I see the silhouette of an adult human male for a split second. Then it's gone. Luckily, my mother was home and saved me from the dreaded 'chapped cowboy ass' walk to find some TP.
However, that split second terrified me to the point of brooding on it for years, resulting in my panicking at night when I close my eyes for anything longer then ten seconds, and I have to wait until day time to go to bed. I don't believe in ghosts, but that shit traumatized me into a fear of the dark, it was so vivid. I wasn't tired or sick or anything. I'll comment for some Sp00py stories that my mother told me to have a reason to post.
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Not all spirits want to harm people anon, you have no reason to be afraid
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Apparently, when I was four, I'd have entire conversations with a 4X5 inch portrait of my dead grandfather, hug the portrait, shit like that. Creeped EVERYONE out.
User avatar #2795 to #2794 - supahsayin (08/10/2015) [-]
Well, shit.
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Found a girls claiming she made a tulpa, well she didn't even knew what a tulpa was she just said to have this imaginary friend that now doesn't get away.

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sweet i tried last summer, but all i did was make my pillow talk for a week or so. I'll try again soon. being "crazy" just sounds so much fun
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swear to god i keep hearing banging in my living room but when i go in there its dead quite fuckin crickets aint even chirping outside
User avatar #2772 to #2771 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
also its 3am here could that have something to do with the crickets being quite?
User avatar #2784 to #2772 - ohhh (08/06/2015) [-]
What you are hearing it sounds like pressure in your room being released and than the door closes, letting it rise again for the door to open, and release some, banging when it closes. And when you go in you release it all, thus stopping the banging. I think, that or i'm horribly wrong.
User avatar #2785 to #2784 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
horrifically wrong you mean cause it could be some faggot demon after me
User avatar #2786 to #2785 - ohhh (08/06/2015) [-]
Well i think he's trying to say he wants to. bang you
User avatar #2787 to #2786 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/07/2015) [-]
get out omg
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Guys freaky stuff has transpired in this thread. You need to login to view this link
Also I'm involved in it so that's pretty cool.
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You successfully call upon Hastur. Being impressed by your effort and courage, you get one question answered (related to him or non related), one wish granted, and you have to see him take his mask off.

what do?
#2801 to #2767 - andrakian (08/15/2015) [-]
Silly icanpaintyay, everyone knows Hastur was killed by Old Man Henderson a long time ago
#2796 to #2767 - anon (08/10/2015) [-]
Q: Who was phone?
W: Increased mental willpower, intelligence, and whatever attribute that'll allow me to keep my sanity when he shows his face, cause I googled him and it said hes in cthulhu mythos and I know theres a lot of shit there that makes people go insane.
User avatar #2791 to #2767 - sineztro (08/10/2015) [-]
May I please use the restroom pls
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1. how do i become god in 5 seconds given my current postion
2. don't show me your face
Come back as god and rape it forever.
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Question time!

Do you believe in ghosts?

I don't wanna hear some sort of pseudo-scientific explanation like "Ghosts manifest using electromagnetic fields" Do you believe a person's consciousness may still possibly exist after death? (in a physical or spiritual way) Why do you think that?

Pic very unrelated
User avatar #2763 to #2760 - captainfuckitall (08/03/2015) [-]

Because of explanations you would not care to hear.
User avatar #2804 to #2763 - theuntakenusername ONLINE (08/20/2015) [-]
Had a discussion lately with someone who believed that human memory can not be traced back in the brain. Therefore, it could be present outside you body, and persist after death as a consciousness. Is that the kind of explanation you would give?
User avatar #2761 to #2760 - sushininja (08/03/2015) [-]
Yeah why not.
My parents came from 3rd world Philippines where the entire places is pretty much catholic so it influenced me.
But besides that, if you read anything about history you can see that older generations were fucked up and extra spooky. And even if only 1% of it was real, that's still a ton of bad news
#2759 - yourdonutz ONLINE (08/01/2015) [-]
>you will never have a spooky qt 3.14 to watch you sleep at night
feels bad man
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I think I have people GPS
I was at a water park with my best friend and we got sepperated for over an hour because we took different lines.
I was looking for him after the ride for about 5 minutes, then I suddenly snapped my head in a 180 and I see my friend waving. He said he had been waving for about 5 seconds. Another night we were waiting for a ride home and as I asked where our ride was it pulled out of the corner.
I can always tell when my friends are going to be outside waiting for me, like I just go to the door right before they turn on my street.
User avatar #2773 to #2753 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
i have inhuman reflexes by todays standards atleast i caught a ball my cousin tossed me without seeing it like i was browsing fj and the door was behind me and i couldnt see a reflection i just knew where to put my hand without even knowing the ball was in the air and ive done these sorts of things several times since
User avatar #2762 to #2753 - sushininja (08/03/2015) [-]
I remember a long time ago on some post, a dude thought he could read electro waves and could tell certain things about electronics and stuff.
Try and play a game of hide and seek at a Walmart or something and see how good you are. And if you can tell where a person is, guess who they are before you catch them.
User avatar #2750 - ohhh (07/31/2015) [-]
I had this real fucked up dream of a huge white rat about the size a football that had this giant creepy ass smile just staring at me from across my room and when i moved it fucking bit down on my foot with the force of a thousand suns. Wouldn't be so creepy if i didn't happen to own a huge ass white rate that sometimes escapes.
User avatar #2774 to #2750 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
i dreamt about hearing my truck crank up outside and when i went out there in the dream there was a tall slender mass of pure darkness staring at me and i could feel the hatred in its white eyes but then i woke up......on my front lawn right where i was standing when the dream ended
User avatar #2775 to #2774 - ohhh (08/06/2015) [-]
Sounds like you had some fucked up form of sleep paralysis, just with out the paralysis part. Happens to me sometimes, i wake up, can't move, and start hallucinating because my brain is still releasing the DMT that causes you to see things when asleep. Sounds like you have that, but you sleep walk at the same time. That's pretty fucking bad because that means you essentially live your dreams. Good luck with that bro, and talk to your doctor.
User avatar #2776 to #2775 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
think i can punch it or what because i wasnt exactly ''frozen in fear'' as one might say it was kind of like that adrenaline rush you get when doing something extremly dangerous like your skin shuts down pain receptors and you organs go quite and your mind goes full alert kind of a adrenaline high but for real can i punch it?
User avatar #2777 to #2776 - ohhh (08/06/2015) [-]
For the love of god don't run around punching your sleep induced hallucinations in real life like a mad man. Just talk to your doctor about getting some meds or something.
User avatar #2779 to #2777 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
also i think i have some serious repressed memories because i have scars all up and down my back how could i go about unrepressing said bad memories?
User avatar #2809 to #2779 - linkofcourage (08/22/2015) [-]
You never got a reply to this. It's difficult to do, but you seem to be able to remember dreams so you can probably start to control them.

I'd recommend learning how to lucid dream, then once you are able to constantly, start to focus on the scars on your back and anything else that you remember, age, location, etc. Afterwards you should eventually see consistencies in the dreams, treat those as fact. Start to focus on that as well, eventually you may be able to fill in the holes during your conscious hours.
User avatar #2811 to #2809 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/22/2015) [-]
User avatar #2778 to #2777 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
but the things eyes were trying threaten me though cant i like teach my subconsiouses demons a lesson or something?
User avatar #2780 to #2778 - ohhh (08/06/2015) [-]
Okay just hear me out, you run outside, start swinging at something that isn't there, some guy comes up, he is there, but you still seeing shit, see the black figure, you run up, start swinging at someone who is there. Boom, now you in jail hallucinating that big bubba raping your ass is blacker than usual. don't do it.
User avatar #2781 to #2780 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
sounds like a good idea alright ill just ignore the shits then
dont know what id do without ya babes
#2782 to #2781 - ohhh (08/06/2015) [-]
Start swinging at black people it appears.
Start swinging at black people it appears.
#2783 to #2782 - sonicsyndicate ONLINE (08/06/2015) [-]
apparently so
User avatar #2752 to #2750 - cpawsome (07/31/2015) [-]
Perhaps you have thought about it escaping too much.
#2748 - anon (07/31/2015) [-]
no one on the thread would answer me. What are they talking about?
User avatar #2757 to #2748 - alicorn (08/01/2015) [-]
the grifter. basically what >>#2755, said it's just some old creepy pasta from /x/
#2755 to #2748 - andrakian (07/31/2015) [-]
I don't know what griefer is, but it kinda sounds like the Grifter video.

There's an old internet legend about a video so pants-shittingly horrible that watching it would "clean" your soul. A lot of people claimed having watched it, but the video was so scary anyone who watched it would repress most of the memories and only recall some flashes.

Every single video claiming to be the true Grifter was proved to be false, though. There were some screenshots, but they were proved to be from obscure alternative horror movies.
User avatar #2765 to #2755 - eatcawk (08/05/2015) [-]
i watched "the real one" on youtube, but it was pretty lame so its fake as you said. any ideas or where i can see the real deal?
#2766 to #2765 - andrakian (08/05/2015) [-]
As far as I know, the "real deal" doesn't exist. It's just an old creepypasta.
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