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#3565 - reican
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(08/27/2016) [-]
If i were to hide documents for national security anywhere it would be on this board
#3566 to #3565 - bemymaster ONLINE
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(08/27/2016) [-]
it's nOT dead
#3567 to #3566 - reican
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(12 hours ago) [-]
but not enough alive for anyone to notice anything
#3560 - anon
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(08/22/2016) [-]
#3559 - baronbrixius ONLINE
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(08/21/2016) [-]
this forum is a ghost town.
ba dum tsh
#3558 - ciaphascain ONLINE
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(08/16/2016) [-]
**ciaphascain used "*roll picture*"**
**ciaphascain rolled image**
This comes out of your closet...
#3555 - starmandx
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(08/14/2016) [-]
#3561 to #3555 - endorphinsrage
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(08/24/2016) [-]
This board is gay
#3563 to #3561 - starmandx
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(08/24/2016) [-]
#3562 to #3561 - starmandx
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(08/24/2016) [-]
so are you
so are you
#3564 to #3562 - endorphinsrage
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(08/24/2016) [-]
My words.
#3556 to #3555 - jagoz
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(08/15/2016) [-]
#3557 to #3556 - starmandx
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(08/15/2016) [-]
thank you
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(08/08/2016) [-]
You guys want to know some honest to goodness spooky stuff? My brother and I have had a number of interesting experiences that- at least for me affirms the existence of witches, curses , hexes and even the devil. Thesee are true stories. I've been sitting on them for a while and the only person I've ever shared them with is my bro. I really only have one story but my brother has a few. I'll share the 2 best ones. My brother and I are both mormon and I only mention this becuase it will help add context.

My brother was in Chihuahua Mexico and aside from the paranormal stuff I'm about to mention it's all sorts of messed up. When he arrived in this area he was told that there were witches in the area so they needed he needed to how to remove curses and how to cast out evil spirits in a place. They also told him to seek immediate help for an exorcism situation. No seriously this happened. No exorcism story though sorry. It a little funny he said the first person they ever help with curses was cursed with owls attacking. Apparently owls would attack this man all day. Maybe it was some sort of con of this "witch" but it's funny so I thought I'd mention it. The real story was later. when a man invited my brother into his home because the man thought he was possessed by the devil. The man went on to explain the every night he would dream that he was in a pool of filthy water and everytime he would try to climb out a dark person would push him back in. The same dream every night. He said that last night he woke up and went to his balcony to calm down. He Then said that a voice behind him clearly told him to jump. There was noone there. So rather than calling the Ghostbusters he called over some loser asian American. My brother felt like it all this man needed was a good blessing, pretty much a fancy prayer with some physical contact. My brother did so but in the middle of it a couple of black cats attacked him. Cliche right? They shooed the cats out and finished the blessing.

I also have a story but it's not MY story. You will see what I mean. I was in Cambodia 3 years ago and I was teaching this teenage girl. She's a good kid and definitely not a liar nor did she ever mention anything like this again. We were meeting for a lesson but she wanted to talk about something that was freaking her out. She said that about 2 weeks ago some people with an ouiji board (board that talks to spirts) came over and and pretty much said give us money and we'll tell you what the spirits in your house are thinking. Now Cambodian people are pretty superstitious I won't go into it but the idea of spirit in one's home is common and there are good and bad spirits. So having spirits are not always a bad thing. My understanding of the language at the time was pretty poor but as far as I understood ,her family said yes so the ouiji people set up there board and they put a bowl on the and told her family to throw money into it . (Again in this culture giving money or food to spirits is not a wierd thing). They proceeded to throw money into the bowl and the bowl went crazy and start spinning around the board . So this girls family thought it was cool and started throwing more money into the bowl. Meanwhile the ouiji people are freaking out and eventually stopped them and said "your spirits are pissed,we'll come back later and help you figure out how to fix this. They didn't return for over a week but when they did they brought a different board and a senior member or something. They skipped the little bowl show and went straight for communication. They asked a few general questions and got responses. They then asked. "Why are you so angry". Rather than spell out a response the little thing moved to the edge of the board pointing at a picture of me and my companion, a Christmas card we gave to our friends. They then asked why are you angry with these boys? This the the whole board moved and point at the picture of Jesus we gave the girl we were teaching.

#3554 to #3552 - anon
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(08/11/2016) [-]
the ouija thing is because you cannot actually talk to the dead, at least not through a board. summoning demons is all that thing is good for
#3553 to #3552 - SOUL CRUSHER
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(08/08/2016) [-]
I hit my character limit but these are true stories. I have more but I dont feel like telling more . I used to collected these true stories in the past but I don't play like that no more. I'm learned these are real things but they only have power if someone give it to them. I felt more and more uneasy as I look up these stories. I realized in was giving them power by spreading and searching for them. Truly, speak of the devil and he shall appear. So why am I sharing these stories? Well to be honest I'm bored and I thought this will be fun. I leave you with this. If any of you really belive in ghosts and spirits just remember to be confident. They only have power you allow them. But it seems it doesn't have to be you who gives them power. Haha so no matter what you do they could be coming for you
#3549 - speedymcgee
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(08/01/2016) [-]
Not sure if this is anything, but just thought I'd post about it, not like there's anyone here anyways.
>Be sleeping
>Suddenly wake up and get really restless
>After about 20 or 30 minutes, this feeling passes
>Look at my clock, it's somewhere between 3 and 4 o'clock
>Wake up a bit after, still tired since for some reason I couldn't keep sleeping
>Decide to get out of bed and get some early breakfast
>Walk out of room, notice a picture frame on the floor
>Think nothing of it and go into the kitchen
>See pic of my great grandmother with an unlit candle on the counter
>Today is the anniversary of her death
>Mom walks out of her room and quickly lights the candle
>She then tells me how she forgot to light the annual candle on time because she was talking to her sister on the phone
>She heard something fall in the hallway but thought nothing of it until a photo fell from one of her drawers (She keeps a lot of photos and charms on top of her drawer)
>The photo was of my deceased great grandmother
>Ask her what time the picture frame fell, she says at 3:15
>She also says how her sandals were re-aligned when she woke up late (She's superstitious and likes to keep her sandals in a cross shape at the side of her bed so she sleeps easy)
>I reassure her that it was nothing to worry about but I still get a bit spooked
She's catholic so she has these hyper religious habits that she does. I ain't really religious but I still get a slight chill thinking about stuff like this.
#3548 - thisxshitxisxhard
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(07/31/2016) [-]
Seems this board dosent get attention anyways anyway got that 4chan greentext of a bunch of dudes from /x/ going camping/hunting and one crazy mofo chases down a skin-walker or something and puts it into a choke hold
#3550 to #3548 - alicorn
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(08/03/2016) [-]
#3547 - starmandx
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(07/30/2016) [-]
The spookiest part of this whole board is that no ones posted on it in 7 days.
#3538 - kissybomb
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(07/22/2016) [-]
Anyone familiar with the Nelson Mandela effect? The theories of the cause are numerous, but I am one who distinctly remembers things that never existed or has changed. To name a few:
*C3-PO has always been all gold. Not one silver leg
*Houdini died in a water act under ice, he was never found.
*Muhammad Ali died years ago in an accident. Not recently.
* I remember Jiffy peanut butter. It never existed.
* I know I used to read The Berenstein bears, not Berenstain.
Many huge movie quotes has changed as well and some land masses. Has anyone else experienced this? I have more changes and things as well.
#3541 to #3538 - whitechino
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(07/23/2016) [-]
C3PO always been gold
Ali died this year. I would have remembered him when I was younger. Houdini died from a serious uppercut.
I remember Jif cause my grandma always had three of them in the cupboard when I had Skip something at home.
I've head the bear one, and I had one of the books, but hated the show. So I really can't tell you about that.
With all that, yeah the Mandela theory could be true since I do feel Dejavu and missing out misplace information at times.
#3539 to #3538 - anon
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(07/22/2016) [-]
All of these things are very easy to explain. They are things your mind only skims over and fills in the blank on. Stein is a common ending to names, so you likely just read it that way without meaning to. C3-PO is almost all gold, and most people aren't going to look at one detail like that and additionally, many toys don't include the silver leg to save money. Movie quotes? You didn't actually pay attention to the movie. Land masses? I'm going to venture a guess that you're not a cartographer. Jiffy Peanut Butter? It's called Jif, but there are popcorn brands and corn muffin mix named "jiffy" so it's easy to misremember.

The two celebrity deaths I'm interested in. Do you actually remember those two people dying those ways? It sounds like you're just reposting shit found on the Mandela Effect website. Some of these are credible, because I too remember Jiffy but at the same time I remember Jif and just assumed they were competitors with similar names. I didn't remember C3-PO having a silver leg, but I also never paid attention. I also assumed it was Stein, not Stain, but who actually looked close enough and took the time to double-check their spelling against the cover of the book?
#3540 to #3539 - kissybomb
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(07/23/2016) [-]
I've honestly thought about those explanations as well and at first chalked most of my memories as just a strange miscalculation in information. However since Muhammad Ali's death, I began looking into things further. How can a man who died in a vehicular accident suddenly die again? I'm not certain on the date, since it was back in the late 1990's early 2000's, and the teenager me didn't pay it much mind. Houdini sticks out the most. I remember the documentaries and that the trick was on a bridge, possibly in Philadelphia? They cut a hole in the ice, Houdini was chained, put in a box and lowered into a the hole. The box and chains were recovered but not Houdini. The report also stated that Houdini was given a key from his wife through a kiss they shared before he went into the box. This memory is extremely vivid. I still question it though, since it's well documented that this was not how he passed. The reason why i bring up Berenstain bears is because I used to read them whenever I went to my grandmothers. To my memory, I would look at the cover and sound it out according to the spelling. My memory is with an "e", but again, I cannot say for certain that my memory is perfect... Since it is obvious that it is not correlating with how things are.
#3543 to #3540 - Greevon
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(07/23/2016) [-]
I didn't really put much stock into this crap, but when you mentioned Harry Houdini... I remember hearing for the longest time that he died doing an escape act. Now he died from appendicitis?

None of the others seem out of place for me, or I am not willing to chalk up to anything more than bad memory. But I KNOW I heard over and over that Houdini died doing an underwater act. Did this act ever take place? Did he do it and survive? Was there some other famous escape artist who this memory might have gotten mixed up with?
#3544 to #3543 - kissybomb
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(07/23/2016) [-]
I've tried looking into it, and as far as I could find is that it is inconclusive whether or not he did this particular act. Houdini himself wrote that he performed it and nearly died. It still doesn't explain for me why I was taught and shown in school that he did die. I remember the photos and details very vividly. I did look around for other magicians I could have confused him with, but didn't find anything with the same situation. Perhaps it was some kind of mockumentary that we were shown? It is a little reassuring to know I'm not the only one who heard he passed in a water act.