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#50557 - Deavas (02/16/2013) [-]
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i tried to get through the album, i really did.
User avatar #50559 to #50557 - vampiricjoker (02/16/2013) [-]
Admit it, if it didn't have Metallica's name on it you'd think it was a good album
User avatar #50560 to #50559 - Deavas (02/16/2013) [-]
no, actually other way around. i think if it was mixed better, and some solos thrown in, it would be tolerable. i cant focus on the quality of the songs because they sound terrible
User avatar #50561 to #50560 - vampiricjoker (02/16/2013) [-]
In my opinion i think the St. Anger album tries to embrace the whole, bunch of 17 year old, angry teenagers recording in their parents garage feel i think Metallica needed to get back to. But if you don't like it, that's your choice and all the power to you, i just feel this album was a good turn in their evolution, without evolution they are in the same rut as Slayer, making every song sound the same for 30 years.
User avatar #50563 to #50561 - Deavas (02/16/2013) [-]
yeh, id have to agree with that. and i like slayer, but it does start to seem the same after a while. thats probably why i like Diabolus and God Hates so much more than most people
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