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#36424 - drewpy (10/29/2012) [-]
Does this belong here? I made it for halloween.
User avatar #36425 to #36424 - roflnaut (10/29/2012) [-]
What did you use to make that and how long did it take?
All my want.
User avatar #36427 to #36425 - drewpy (10/29/2012) [-]
Head: Paper mache over a 15 inch ball. About 12 layers making it a 1/4 inch thick, wrapped in lycra or similar material who's name escapes me, and glued on with spray adhesive.
Mouth: For fitted chicken wire and leggings for seethroughness.
Eyes: Styrofoam balls with LED lights.
Ears: Light weight high durability foam my dad got at work, not sure where else to get it, but that's wrapped in lycra type stuff too. The ears also have a trim of EL wire, making the glowie stuffz.

It took about a month, but that was completely on and off, I could have finished in a week if I really needed to.
User avatar #36428 to #36427 - roflnaut (10/29/2012) [-]
Well fuck.
I guess I will just do the chinese lantern and cardboard thing for a Deadmau5 costume.
Awesome helmet. You should just wear that when walking to places.
User avatar #36429 to #36428 - drewpy (10/29/2012) [-]
That was half my reasoning for making it. lol
User avatar #36431 to #36429 - lolkoi (10/29/2012) [-]
or if you go to a deadmau5 concert
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