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#25330 - latinotornado (08/20/2012) [-]
Any other 50 Fans here?
User avatar #25446 to #25330 - jimboismynameo (08/20/2012) [-]
i like Ayo technology

other than that not really
#25344 to #25330 - danrmanalt has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #25342 to #25330 - wasntme (08/20/2012) [-]
Well i can't say I'm a fan but I like his get rich or die trying album a lot other than that you have any suggestions for songs by him?
User avatar #25343 to #25342 - latinotornado (08/20/2012) [-]
what kind of song? a sexy song by him or a thug song haha
User avatar #25346 to #25343 - wasntme (08/20/2012) [-]
Hmmm I didn't know he had sexy songs hahaha .. But you can just give me your like top 3 favorite songs that aren't on get rich or die trying
User avatar #25347 to #25346 - latinotornado (08/20/2012) [-]
Wait Till Tonight
Get Up
I Just Wanna
Not necisarilly my top 3 but some of my favs
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