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Betcha Cant Make It

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Submitted: 05/30/2007
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#135 - anonymous (02/07/2009) [-]
go go go go go the ramp breaks and the kid basically dies hahahahahahahaha you want to go to the booty house..i betcha i can make it! ohhhh he bets us! hahahahahahahaha what stupid cops i love reno 911 best show ever hahahahaha
#132 - anonymous (09/20/2008) [+] (1 reply)
LOL reno 911 is funny as hell. That would be me if i was a cop.
#129 - anonymous (08/06/2008) [-]
Its off of the tv series of Reno 911. they had a mat on the other side where the camera didnt look where the kid fell. they had someone near a dumpster to hit it with a stick to sound like he hit it when he fell
#131 - anonymous (08/27/2008) [+] (3 replies)
lol that was so acted
#137 to #131 - anonymous (04/06/2009) [-]
yeah....well i at least know that there acting but if i where one of those cops I would be better then that,and just tell them to get off or something,not pay them to do something that ******* stupid like that..*gesse*-Trisha
#130 - anonymous (08/06/2008) [-]
They wouldnt risk a kist life for a tv show... ppl you gotta think about these things.....
#126 - anonymous (06/12/2008) [-]
This was cool and all but we know it wasnt real, it looked though, good job, i know theres a matress at the bottom or somethin, dont listen to the other people that are saying bad things about it, there just jealous.
#124 - anonymous (05/28/2008) [-]
dude this video sucked he was acting dont scream your head off oh my god he crushed himself in to a MILLION PIECES he was acting stupid
#122 - anonymous (05/10/2008) [-]
Hilarious! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#121 - anonymous (05/05/2008) [-]
that kid is a total idiot and the cops from reno 911 wer very smart to get their asses out of there.WOW that was so funny thats why kids go to school.
#112 - anonymous (03/04/2008) [-]
LMAO call a medic? hell no they'll know were here ol
#94 - anonymous (11/16/2007) [-]
wel that was a pretty pissy ramp......not 2 mention a LAUGH. shows u wat yankee coppers r all about......slakin on th job..n gambling
#78 - anonymous (08/27/2007) [-]
The Cops Are So Retarded!!Lolz
#63 - anonymous (08/02/2007) [-]
i could make it...
#62 - anonymous (08/01/2007) [-]
if the cops were really like that, then we should just rename that place Hamsterdam.
#45 - anonymous (06/29/2007) [-]
wtf you cant be serious
#44 - anonymous (06/26/2007) [-]
lol thats awsome if this really happened then those cops would be f'ed oh and stop posting chainmails they are so gay instead of makin them go suck ur own dick
#20 - anonymous (06/03/2007) [-]
hey guys is you keep reading this im a fag that likes to leave chainletters thinking ill scare little kids o and by the way i dont really leave chain leters i was making a point
#19 - anonymous (06/03/2007) [-]
Very nice movie clip there. Finally, humor that isn't perverted. 10/10. Oh, and to all the morons that keep posting these chain comments, no line of text is going to kill anyone. Quit wasting comment space, you imbisiles.
#3 - anonymous (05/30/2007) [-]
Rofl lmfao the kid got his face broken! lmfaa, i thought he was gonna make it lmfao, should we call a medi? "no, they'll know we were here!
#2 - anonymous (05/29/2007) [-]
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