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#625 - rc1becky (12/31/2008) [-]
ok i have good taste and hes cute but its kinda wierd to see him do that. i like saw this a year ago but it still cracks me up.
User avatar #624 - lilskittels (12/20/2008) [-]
omz... not the bes quality, but ur still HOTT!
#623 - Rascal (10/26/2008) [-]
lol, it's kinda funny that people are so mad at this guy they could just ignore him,,, OR stop being so damn jealous he seems to pretty much have it all: damn cute and damn funny kudos dude p.s. do more por favor (^_^) i love them
#629 - Rascal (02/27/2009) [-]
you must be crazy.the only crazy thing is that i am not really a human,i am a chipette( short for chipmunk girl)
#651 - Rascal (08/12/2009) [-]
Well Done, Loved It, Friend of mine knows you in town, uhhh, his name ish Daniel H.
#617 - Rascal (06/03/2008) [-]
dood u good ur vids are sweet! omg lol i laughed so hard wen u shook ur head so fast! dood u again r the best i have seen
#616 - Rascal (05/31/2008) [-]
cute and funny
#615 - Rascal (05/31/2008) [-]
why do you have to be so "CUTE"??? I can't stop playing your film/movie thing I'm addicted to them...That's really bad for a person I don't know...♥♥♥ xoxoxox!!
#614 - Rascal (05/31/2008) [-]
ur the better than any other person doing wat ur doin.....and i think ur hot. lol.
#613 - Rascal (05/23/2008) [-]
Soad rules and you managed to ruin a good song with your **** dancing. Anyone who likes this **** should join you in shooting your head
#612 - Rascal (05/09/2008) [-]
System of a Down Rules!!!!! what program did u use to make that?
#608 - Rascal (04/11/2008) [-]
dude you are the funnyiest guy on this website i swear
#604 - Rascal (03/10/2008) [-]
Hey Budddd Your AWESOME, this site is amazing some of the stuff is odd but it still makes you giggle, if people dont like what you've done then i really wonder what they do like. Just ignore the rude comments
#601 - Rascal (02/15/2008) [-]
oooo i luv dis song
#642 - Rascal (06/26/2009) [-]
It's like Fred... but ******* awesome :D
User avatar #645 to #642 - khendra (07/04/2009) [-]
its like some 15 year old boy is on crack.
#626 - Rascal (01/01/2009) [-]
Fcuk..Yes. xD
#633 - Rascal (04/10/2009) [-]
I LOVE THIS SONG, its by system of a down but this dude had it sped up!!!!!!!!!!!
#631 - Rascal (03/06/2009) [-]
this is gay but funny at the same
#628 - Rascal (01/11/2009) [-]
this is scaring me........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!i ts giving me nightmares believe me,it has givin me nightmares!
#620 - Rascal (07/19/2008) [-]
Quote-Posted by dmane8 (seen alot!), at 20:59 on Tue, Jun 3rd dood u good ur vids are sweet! omg lol i laughed so hard wen u shook ur head so fast! dood u again r the best i have seen-quote ever heard of 2x fast speed up? he does it normally
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