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#334 - anon (08/13/2008) [-]
hey! im back! it been awhile but i just wanna say GET THAT VIDEO OFF OF HERE!!! lol i showed my family and they all said thats weird and u look like a crack head lol AND for the girls that think he cute lol u got bad taste
#362 - anon (04/18/2009) [-]
he iz wickid hawt nd haz pretty eyes
#361 - anon (04/17/2009) [-]
waaaaaaaaaait i know him thats Jimmy!!!! i always use to hang out with him but not really anymore actually the last time i talked to him was like 2 years ago he recently started straightening his hair i's tell u his last name but its confidential XD
#363 - anon (04/26/2009) [-]
love ur singing lol
#360 - anon (03/22/2009) [-]
i love this video its so ******* funny. ur hott!
#348 - anon (01/15/2009) [-]
hey pst ppl this song is from queen (u didnt hear that from a me)
#356 - anon (03/13/2009) [-]
ur sooo freakin hott
#365 - hersheii **User deleted account** (05/10/2009) [-]
he's hott!!!! luv hiss hair!!
#357 - anon (03/13/2009) [-]
ur hair is so hot i luv guys that have long hair and ur freakin hot
#358 to #357 - anon (03/17/2009) [-]
Guys with long hairs look like chicks... It's gross
#354 - anon (02/28/2009) [-]
dude your ****** hot!!! i love your hair!!!
#370 - anon (09/11/2009) [-]
he is as cute as my **** when i just had tacos dude this video is gay as HELL
#346 - anon (01/11/2009) [-]
he is sooooo ****** hot!!!!
#322 - anon (04/07/2008) [-]
thats hot!!
#321 - anon (03/24/2008) [-]
YOU are so HOT!! I LOVE the hair u better keep it or eles ill kill u jk but tell me ur number or where u live ok cutie and i love the tounge part lol it was the best part of all but serisouly give me ur number or ur address k bye!!
#320 - anon (03/24/2008) [-]
you are soooo HOT!! you beat all my 4 of my boyfriends luv ya hottttiiiieee!!!!
#319 - anon (03/08/2008) [-]
no offense but u cant lip sync......but if i was a girl i would say u are pretty hot from wht we c
#318 - anon (02/23/2008) [-]
you r so ******* hot but the toung thing was sooooo gay luve ya
#317 - anon (02/20/2008) [-]
I love u, that is like totally hot also that is the most coolest thing and it is tight. I wish u was my boyfriend All I have to say is u r a Hottieeeeeeeeeeee
#316 - anon (02/19/2008) [-]
okay he was a hella lot hotter in i want candy dead than he was there..but still love him
#315 - anon (02/18/2008) [-]
OMG!! ur so retarded But u look like A total HottiEEEEE looin like a retard i, wish u was my boyfriend i think u beat my boyfriend LUV U HottiEEEEEEEEE
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