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#55 - amimuh **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#54 - John Cena (03/17/2010) [-]
Correction, Rucka. Austria started WWI.
User avatar #67 to #54 - Ankou (03/20/2010) [-]
yep, terrorists killed arch duke ferdinand so that said to the kaiser " oh look, terrorists killed the austrian fag, lets go invade france"
#79 to #54 - Wolfford **User deleted account** (06/01/2010) [-]
Close Enough.
#50 - John Cena (03/16/2010) [-]
imma bomb everything that ends in istan LOLS do i hear numver 1 vid??
#70 - John Cena (03/21/2010) [-]
Its was the Serbs (i think) who assassinated the Archduke and then that sprung WWI not the Germans. I mean it was against Germany but then they ****** up a little by bringing Britain in the war with Russia so in a way it was Germany but they technically did not start it.
#74 to #70 - John Cena (03/22/2010) [-]
Well, really, it was only the 'Black Hand' that was pissed with the Archduke, and when the Serbs didn't let Austria completely have their way, Austria got pissed and invaded Serbia, who then called on their allies, and then it just got to the point where everybody was calling on their allies to beat the living **** out of eachother. Russia has a civil war, the US joins in, and WWI ends. Germany just so happens to do the most damage, so they got blamed, which I find completely stupid.
User avatar #75 to #74 - theonlyhitler (03/25/2010) [-]
#61 - andrewdalbora (03/19/2010) [-]
hey :( im german lol my favorite so far this and go cops
User avatar #48 - ExAnonExLoser (03/13/2010) [-]
i listend to 3 of his songs in a row , all ******* awesome
#51 to #48 - John Cena (03/16/2010) [-]
r u c k a s w o r l d . c o m
his name is RUCKA RUCKA ALI
User avatar #52 to #51 - ExAnonExLoser (03/16/2010) [-]
cool,. i knew that? adurr
User avatar #47 - ActiveMine (03/12/2010) [-]
#42 - John Cena (03/03/2010) [-]
Favorite part is 1:19-1:24. Picture of the guy holding up his hand like "Whoops! Dumbass decision on my part, my bad guys!" cracks me up every damn time.
User avatar #30 - Spinner (02/25/2010) [-]
**Spinner rolls 857,828,022**
User avatar #8 - spikes is cool (02/20/2010) [-]
to the ******* top this should go
User avatar #16 - lilbobalot (02/21/2010) [-]
**lilbobalot rolls 560,474,267** acctually it was the serbians fighting the austro-hungarians who started world war 1.
germany just got in the middle of it like everyone else
(they still suck though)
#17 to #16 - John Cena (02/21/2010) [-]
then russian joined in with the serbians that started the WW1 and in the end they signed a document that blamed germany for everything and thats why WW2 started

extra information for those who took word for word from the song o.o
User avatar #20 to #17 - lilbobalot (02/22/2010) [-]
well i suppose it was germany who first got involved and turned a war into a world war.

and that document was called the treaty of versaille (might be spelled wrong, pronounced verse-eye)
User avatar #13 - bloodeetampon (02/21/2010) [-]
**bloodeetampon rolls 881,757,925** I like how this turned from laughing at Haiti into bashing Europeans. And then into bashing... everything?
#4 - rogeliofunnyjunk **User deleted account** (02/20/2010) [-]
Laughed my ass off lol
#78 - clockmaster (04/28/2010) [-]
if you look closely when he says he's saying ''When I'm president'' its says on a sign ''smoke crack''.
User avatar #76 - kyira (04/04/2010) [-]
okay #74 to #70 ur stupid cuz itz just a joke. ppl cum here 2 laugh not 2 remember skool we kno who startd da WW n if u didnt paly attention in skool ur a dumbass. dis **** is funny as fuqq.
#77 to #76 - John Cena (04/06/2010) [-]
lol you should go back to school and learn english
#72 - natekilla (03/21/2010) [-]
#71 - xpinkbaboonx **User deleted account** (03/21/2010) [-]
nice song lol china eats little dogs
#69 - John Cena (03/20/2010) [-]
im sorry
#68 - John Cena (03/20/2010) [-]
you went way too far
#66 - John Cena (03/20/2010) [-]

btw i am very sorry for haiti. i even donated ten bucks
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