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Not reposted nearly as much as your comment.
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Commenting is not a frowned upon activity, unlike reposting which is universally despised by the fj community. Additionally, I also find it hilarious that you are both proud of reposting habits and that you are shocked by my habit of commenting more then you repost.
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I find your response interesting for two reasons.
The first is your failure to address any of the points I brought up.
The second is your choice to my grammar. Considering the number of grammatical mistakes in your precious post you have little authority to be a "grammar Nazi"
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I find your response interesting for two reasons
The first is that you're taking this **** way too seriously. This is Funnyjunk, not Seriousjunk. I saw something funny that I've never seen before so I put it on Funnyjunk. Oh, you've seen it before? My. ******* . Bad. Should I take it down? because I will. Just say the word.
The second doesn't actually I don't give a **** what you think. You know what you should do?
You should get up, go outside, get in the car, go to walmart, buy some rope and a stool, check out, get in the car, drive home, walk to your room, open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.
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Such anger.
As these posts, which in my opinion are reasonable responses to your comments and posts, seem to be angering you, and as I do not wish to add more hatred to the world, I will respect your apparent wish and stop posting on this page.


P.S. Feel free to have the last word for as I said previously this is my last post on this page.
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Attempt to brighten the conversation with a joke:
Attempt to brighten the conversation with a joke:
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