ken ham on historical science. Sorry for horrible picture, I have never used picture editing softwares before. I don't even know how to effectively work with pa billy nye can ham Jayden Smith history science
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ken ham on historical science

ken ham on historical science. Sorry for horrible picture, I have never used picture editing softwares before. I don't even know how to effectively work with pa

Sorry for horrible picture, I have never used picture editing softwares before. I don't even know how to effectively work with paint.

The debate was hilarious. A few points I can recall immediately are:
1. He says he believes in modern science. Radiometric dating methods are part of modern science. But then he says he doesn't trust these methods regarding estimates of the past since you weren't there to observe it. What else is there to radiometric dating methods besides using them to date things? Since Ken ham doesn't believe in that.

2. A little bit later he does use dating methods in his argument of a little bit of wood trapped in 45 million year old basalt. Convenient usage of radiometric dating methods. Not to mention the basalt is 45 million years old which he even mentions. But the earth is still 6000 years old amiright? I guess God must have placed it there.

3. At one moment he is showing pictures of million years old fossiles showing fish eating other fish and death and suffering etc. But then he goes on about how all animals were supposed to be vegetarians before the corruption. I understand he was refuting the viewpoint of non-creationist christians but how can he use those fossils in an attempt to show the christians that they're wrong?

4. Then he goes on about how there's no new functions in nature, that no new functions arise in nature. If you just take a look at viruses for one second or mutations in proteins, you'd see that they acquire new functions constantly and everyone knows proteins can deliver macrofunctions to organisms (easy example, fluorescence).
Another point he made, was that no "new" genetic material comes into existence. How about simple gene duplications or even the enzyme telomerase?

5. His argument for no life can result from dead matter was the following: "I can shine all the sunlight or energy I want onto this little stick I have here, it's not coming to life." (something along those lines)

6. He goes on and on about how the bible explains the origins about things. All the bible says, is; And then god created man, stars, plants, light,... and he acts as if it gives us any sort of explanation about how consciousness arose or works.

7. The guy dodges questions constantly and fails to even interpret audience's questions.

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User avatar #3 - ajoifazrul (02/06/2014) [-]
If History can't be real does that mean Hitler did nothing wrong

well that's how I see it
#2 - naturalman (02/06/2014) [-]
Yeah well history is evident in the present but blind faith in hypotheses which are completely unsupported by current knowledge is another. If species do in fact transition (they dont) the number of 'links' between two species would be so numerous that they would outnumber the main species and the fossil evidence would be so abundant no one could miss it. As for everything coming from a giant random accident which also came from nothing that somehow created a stable and purposeful reality wherein the random chance of life happened not only once but innumerable times all with the same built in drive to continue to exist and improve, that is one nonsense fable that makes the most ridiculous superstition seem reasonable by comparison.

No, all this atheism garbage isnt about science, it is about sin and not wanting to think one will be accountable to THE CREATOR after this life.

As for GOD, not only does everything prove HIM absolutewly but also if one follows the instructions in the Scriptures they can meet HIM for themselves. We are in the time of the anti-christ, just as GOD war5ned us about and its all happening exactly as predicted and right on schedule, the schools and media push this crap because the devil runs them and after enough generations of media fueled human degeneracy we have finally come to the generation which has a large enough number of enthusiastically anti - Christian dupes who are stupid enough to hand the earth over to evil more than any other before it, hence this big push for atheism and hence so many young kids being totally into it.

Fighting against GOD breaks a person but if GOD fights against you, you're toast. Turn to GOD and learn the truth while you still can, don't be a pawn of the devil or you will be destroyed along with him.
#1 - Rascal (02/06/2014) [-]
I attempted to view the debate but didn't make it past the first 5 minutes because I have the attention span of a gnat so thanks for the rundown . ( the pic is kinda weak )
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