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#193 - nighkey
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(01/09/2014) [-]
What about this; everyone just attempts to treat each other with respect to the best of their ability in that given situation, people forgive more often when they cannot, we only have sex with people we know well and love appropriately (love knows no gender), and we try to help one another when times are bad- because they are hard on all of us. Nothing will ever be perfect but it would be a lot better..

1. Don't get drunk and **** strangers. Get drunk and do other things. The consequences will follow naturally based on your degree of consumption and duration of indulgence.
2. If your neighbor's car is stuck and you have longer than 40 minutes before you need to be to work, offer a hand. Any color will do.
3. Thou shalt not sue convenient stores for their wet floors.
4. When driving, pedestrians are not followers of the dark lord. When walking on the streets, drivers are not assholes.
5. Forgive someone when they speak in anger. Unless it is your mother-in-law, she'd probably say the same thing not angry anyway.
6. The toilet seat lids may be up OR down. This is what they were designed to do.
7. Before you name your child La-a and demand society pronounce the dash, see number 1.
8. Respect yourself. Don't eat anything you wouldn't give to your child. (Drugs included.) Or at least, "Thou shalt not weight more than thy refrigerator."
9. Your dad stuck it in your mom and that's how you came out. If you can't see past skin then you shouldn't see at all.
10. Boxers or briefs?