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Smells like front page to me. Godspeed.
Smells like front page to me. Godspeed.
if I'm honest this kind of says something about Funnyjunk, and the state at which it's fallen. This is a comp made up of the most dull, non entertaining things I could find, thrown into a comp with literally zero effort, and it makes front page with 861 votes simply because it's not politica…
When I tell people about how I used to use...
When I tell people about how I used to use Gardevoir in my team back in the ol' Pokemon Pearl days. People would always assume I used Gardevoir because it was the most ******** pokemon. Being a massive ******* weeb and all didn't help my argument against using Gardevoir for non lewd pur…
&gt;never seen this post before  <br...
>never seen this post before >fat whale lord gets put in her place >op handles the situation like a pro >op getting some sweet booty >story has a happy ending 10/10 best post i've seen in a long while
Hmmm weird! So we gave him a bit of money, he left the country for a bit and came back home. Hope he didn't lend any of that money while he was away in, where was it again? Oh yeah he moved to the Arab nation not too long ago I believe. No coincidences here. Nope.
yeah definitely, that's why women reject me right. Because they're playing hard to get. Not because i'm a fedora wearing faggot who thinks people don't like because they're stupid
When a nipple is just right
When a nipple is just right
<span  class="roll...
**baebee used "*roll picture*"** **baebee rolled image ** WHAT THE **** DID I JUST READ DO PEOPLE REALLY SEXUALIZE POKEMON [spoiler] WHAT THE **** WHY[/spoiler]
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