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#9031 - harryscene
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(08/30/2012) [-]
I seriously hate every other board other than this one. On the music board I asked if anyone liked Hollywood Undead, red thumbs. On the anime/manga board I talked about Naruto, red thumbs. At least on here, I can actually post my opinions with nobody hating me for no reason.
#9214 to #9031 - toxicdisorder
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(09/01/2012) [-]
On the music board they hate "emo" shit, basically anything 12 year scene girls say "ogm im such a metilhed lolololololol" while listening to.
Hollywood Undead is ok, never really got into them though. saw them live and they weren't too bad, good singing.
#9064 to #9031 - gagrgorgrs **User deleted account**
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#9063 to #9031 - ZenMacros ONLINE
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(08/30/2012) [-]
It's just a poor man's version of 4chan. The boards for a specific medium of entertainment (anime/manga, music, TV etc) are full of elitist hipsters who will talk shit about anything mainstream and go gaga over shit you've never heard of. I just had this discussion on /b/ last night. If you try to have a Naruto thread on /a/ they'll insult you, sage your thread, and get mods to delete it because apparently Naruto isn't allowed there. Yet on /b/ of all places, they can ALWAYS have a civilized and intelligent discussion about Naruto. It blows my mind.
#9038 to #9031 - captaincabinet **User deleted account**
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#9065 to #9038 - gagrgorgrs **User deleted account**
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#9066 to #9065 - captaincabinet **User deleted account**
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