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#5590 - captaincupcakez
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(08/05/2012) [-]
This will be a TF2 rant. Got anything to rant about TF2, post here.
Firstly, to warn you now, 99% of this rant will be about engineers and snipers. Fucking hate em. Now, engineers used to be fine. You'd see a sentry, you'd plan a way to sap it/blow it up. End of story. But with the fucking gunslinger, even if you destroy his sentry and are chasing him down, if you are a scout/pyro all he has to do is put a sentry down in half a second and you're fucking screwed. You have to IMMEDIATELY switch focus to the minisentry, meaning you just get raped by the engie. The gunslinger has far too much range, is too easy to build, too high rate of fire, too hard to destroy (while building it takes 1 more rocket to destroy than a regular sentry) and too much range. Change a few of these and it'll be ok.
Next, the pomson. This is a good IDEA for a weapon, but in reality it's horrible. Infinite ammo, infinite range, no damage spread, projectiles penetrate targets, takes uber, takes cloak, a crit can nearly kill a heavy and there is NO RISK. An engie can spam the Pomson at a choke point from miles away and drain a medics uber and kill spies they weren't even aiming at. Also, if you use the DR, NOPE!!!!!!!! One shot with the Pomson, you're fucking dead.
And now onto sniper.
Point 1: Bodyshotting. Bodyshotting is not OP, but if you use the Sydney Sleeper, fuck you. Seriously. Just fuck you.

Point 2: The cuntsman. I hate this weapon. Not just a little, a fucking ton. Hitboxes are massive, ZERO skill is needed to hit people, snipers can hit scouts with no effort, 90% of cuntsman users just spam through doorways, so it's just cheap kills. The only way this weapon redeems itself is it's badass taunt kill. seriously, it's pretty badass. But still if you use this weapon, FUCK YOU :)

Also, what is up with the Short Circuit? Could Valve have made a more pointless weapon? You may as well carry around some fucking hairspray to shoot in people's eyes, or a ping pong ball.

#5625 to #5590 - madeitforthemusic
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(08/06/2012) [-]
I use the sydney sleeper, what's wrong with it?
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User avatar #5593 to #5590 - Noah
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(08/05/2012) [-]
I don't really mind any class except scout.
Impossible to hit that fucker.