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#18095 - tvfreakuk
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(11/17/2012) [-]
I hate whoever it is that is eating the food in my flat, because they're letting me take the fucking blame for it.
The reason I'm being blamed is because of a couple weeks ago, when I took a slice of ham, and a mouthful of milk (poured into a glass of course) when I didn't have any in.
And yeah, I admitted to, and apologised for it...
But now someone is taking full pizzas and burgers and full bottles of Pepsi and shit like that, and because of the ham incident everyone thinks it was me.
Seriously, the other day one of my flatmates just fucking lost it at me, and started saying that I need to have a "sorting out in my head" and that none of them want to live with me anymore, and that I better watch my back because he's close to kicking the shit out of me.

But seriously though, I'm somewhat terrified as well as pissed off. I keep thinking that he's going to attack me or something, and I'm getting up at like 4 in the morning because that's the only time I feel comfortable cooking my food now, and I'm walking around with a fucking knife when I leave the room.
I'm scared, but I'm mostly just pissed that one of them is just letting me go through this when I did nothing.