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#18016 - ZenMacros ONLINE
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(11/16/2012) [-]
I hate when there's a picture of a girl with A or sometimes B cup tits and some assholes have to go and say "hurp flat as a pancake wouldn't bang." Really? I can't fucking stand it when people exaggerate like that, and fucking mean it too. And there's nothing wrong with small tits anyway. I find them very attractive, and most cases more attractive than big ones. Now I understand different people have different preferences and that's fine. But is the tit size really the deciding factor in what makes a girl physically attractive or not? Just completely throw everything else out the window and make it all rely upon the tit size.

My gut tells me that not all of them mean it, though. I can't help but feel as though some guys only pretend to be that infatuated with large breasts because that's the "normal" thing for guys, which is pretty damn stupid IMO.