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#17779 - zombiesurfer (11/13/2012) [-]
I can't believe I haven't ranted about this yet as this is probably what I hate most.

People ruining horror movies and then saying it was shit.

Let me start of by saying I love horror, it's my favourite genre, I will spend hours watching horror films, reading creepypastas, watching horror related shows, and watching a ton of horror videos on youtube like creepypasta readings by mrcreepypasta or thelittlefears, as well as stuff like blackboxtv or fewdio's horror shorts.

The main thing I enjoy about horror is the tension, like when a character is walking around a house and going all throughout the corridors, even if nothing is happening, the tension and suspense that something might happen is what makes me love this genre. The rush of adrenaline when that jump-scare kicks in, following the main character as they solve the mystery/try to escape. Being glued to the screen as the main character is hidden in a closet while the killer walks past. All these scenarios is what makes horror so appealing to me.

But whenever I try to sit down with some friends a couple who enjoy horror like I do and a few that are scared of horror films (which makes it even more fun), there is always this ONE absolute cunt who has said before "I don't find horror scary, I just laugh at it" but he dosen't just laugh at it, he feels the need to make his own jokes and erase all tension, talking over the plot as well. For example, the protagonist will wake up and their front door will be unlocked, they will go to close it and then call out "is anybody there", right then the tension is building, im asking myself "whats going to happen, is anything going to happen at all?" but then this dick replies "oh yeah, im just in the kitchen" killing any scrap of tension there was for a cheap laugh that nobody laughs at.

I'm going to need a second post for this.
User avatar #17799 to #17779 - kyrozor (11/14/2012) [-]
I'm that guy.

I don't like it as a genre and it bores me to tears, I don't find it funny, nor do I find it scary, just tension isn't my thing.

Sure. I like different forms of tension and wonder, but horror, horror just doesn't do it for me. Like people that say Paranormal activity is like SO scary.

I watched the first one and outright refuse to watch the others on the basis that I don't want to sit and watch empty rooms for 90 minutes.
User avatar #17836 to #17799 - zombiesurfer (11/14/2012) [-]
It's not that he dosen't like it, it's that he dosen't try to give a chance, he ruins the experience by talking over it and then ruins it for everyone else by talking throughout the film. Which is rude for any genre, not just horror.
#17780 to #17779 - zombiesurfer (11/13/2012) [-]
When he does this, it pisses me off more than anything, first off, I hate people talking during films anyway, it just ruins the immersion, one of the best things about films is that it takes you away from reality for a couple hours and into the world of whatever film is currently on. Secondly, this fucker has the cheek to turn around after the film and go on about how shit it was. OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE SHIT IF YOUR FUCKING RUNNING YOUR MOUTH THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE FUCKING FILM.

His constant talking requires me to keep pausing the film to explain wha is going on or why certain things are happening to my friends who are watching it for the first time (or new to the horror genre) and the way he goes on in the films, no doubt negatively affects how they are going to feel about the film/genre, ruining any chance of them watching horror with me again.
#17793 to #17780 - harryscene (11/13/2012) [-]
Make his reality a horror film and see if he still wants to talk...
Make his reality a horror film and see if he still wants to talk...
User avatar #17791 to #17780 - asharknamedcarl (11/13/2012) [-]
Amen Brother,
User avatar #17792 to #17791 - zombiesurfer (11/13/2012) [-]
exactly! This guys drives me up the fucking wall. I tried to show my friends the short movie 'Proxy' on youtube about the slenderman but because he's made a joke EVERY time I play slender or watch marble hornets, my friends don't find him scary.
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