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Hating - file complaints, whine, airline complaints, rustle jimmies

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#475664 - Elk
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(40 minutes ago) [-]
When people thumb you down for posting spoilers on the internet.
#475663 - coord
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(41 minutes ago) [-]
does Sweden have the sluttiest women?
#475665 to #475663 - enlightednatzie
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(28 minutes ago) [-]
Are you retarded?
#475661 - foreveranonymous
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(43 minutes ago) [-]
The term "break the internet" gives me cancer
#475662 to #475661 - Elk
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(41 minutes ago) [-]
This day just keeps getting better.
#475658 - hoponthefeelstrain
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(49 minutes ago) [-]
also hate when guys defend abusive behavior done by other guys because "his last ex cheated so of course he's clingy, suspicious and wants you to have little to no social life!"
#475657 - hoponthefeelstrain
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(50 minutes ago) [-]
When people discuss anything and that 1 asshole always has to say "Children in Africa are dying of starvation every day and you worry about (insert valid issue they're trying to trivialize), you're what's wrong with (insert whatever nation you're currently in). Then when you ask them what they're doing to solve the crisis they say "spreading awareness". Boy BYE.
#475659 to #475657 - joshlol
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(47 minutes ago) [-]
Look at this entitled bitch shitposting on this internet

kids in africa could have eaten that wireless router
#475660 to #475659 - hoponthefeelstrain
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(46 minutes ago) [-]
no don't you get it? I'm raising awareness
#475670 to #475660 - alexanderburns ONLINE
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(1 minute ago) [-]
also raising my wiener
#475656 - Elk
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(55 minutes ago) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"****Elk rolled image** I hate when my rolled pictures suck.
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** I hate when my rolled pictures suck.
#475651 - geothermal
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(1 hour ago) [-]
It's 107 degrees inside the factory today
My face is salt
#475647 - thechosentroll
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(1 hour ago) [-]
Well, turns out I got the wrong date for one of my finals. It was today, but I thought it was tomorrow, so I missed it. How do I know? Because a classmate called me earlier to ask why I wasn't at the final, but she couldn't be bothered to call me WHEN SHE SAW I DIDN'T SHOW UP TO THE FUCKING FINAL! They even delayed the fucking thing 20 minutes and she straight up said that at that point she knew I wasn't coming and she still didn't call me.

That shit was intentional, I fucking know it. You overshadow someone as a programmer and suddenly they start trying to screw you over, cause you make them look bad. Cunts.
#475649 to #475647 - Elk
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(1 hour ago) [-]
It's not her responsibility to tell you to come.
#475650 to #475649 - thechosentroll
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(1 hour ago) [-]
No, but it's fucking nice, especially when you've done the same for them half a dozen times.
#475641 - tvfreakuk
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(1 hour ago) [-]
> ask friend about plans for the weekend
> "I'll keep in touch"
Now considering he's the most flakey person ever when it comes to plans and the reason I was asking if he couldn't come was if I needed to invite anyone else this bullshit really pisses me off.
He's a great guy but when it comes to plan making he's just so forgetful almost seems to always have plans that he "may or may not be able to get out of"
#475640 - enlightednatzie
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(2 hours ago) [-]
Gonna work at 3 in the morning at a new job lads so lets pray that my car will work