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#14427 - Absolute Madman (15 minutes ago) [-]
User avatar #14422 - Major Mayhem (5 hours ago) [-]
Does anyone here reload? I just got into it and could use some pointers.
#14420 - notred ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
So there is a yearly gun show in my area that brings a lot of people all over canada to come play with guns. From everything from a .22 to a .50.

This year I heard the military is getting involved and showing off their toys. I heard that they will be bringing LMG's and a tank. Not for civilians, but to show off and shoot themselves.

It will be pretty sweet if the rumors are true tho. I'm canadian, so having an automatic gun is illegal, so an lmg will give me boners as well as just seeing a tank IRL.
User avatar #14402 - mexicandudeinsd (19 hours ago) [-]
Looking for a pistol that meets these qualifications:
-Metal frame and metal slide
-single action only
-not a 1911
User avatar #14425 to #14402 - roliga (2 hours ago) [-]
Sig P227 SAO
Sig P220 SAO
CZ 97b
Jericho 941
S&W 4506
User avatar #14421 to #14402 - notred ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]

Not sure if they are metal slides and stuff, but I'm sure you could get one easy.
#14428 to #14421 - Absolute Madman (13 minutes ago) [-]
it's a plastic frame and that's double action
#14407 to #14402 - Absolute Madman (18 hours ago) [-]
A 19-oh. Fag.
User avatar #14408 to #14407 - mexicandudeinsd (18 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #14403 to #14402 - mexicandudeinsd (19 hours ago) [-]
-semi auto
-more than 7 rounds in standard magazine
#14412 to #14403 - captfuckhead (7 hours ago) [-]
you do know you can have more than 7 rounds in a standard magazine in a 1911 platform, right? Case in point, my Para P14.45 Expert Stainless, with 14 rounds of .45 fuck-your-shit power, that I got on sale from CDNN for $599 it came with 2 magazines, and CDNN had spares for only $20 a pop, so I got 2 more. Why the fuck not, you know?
User avatar #14417 to #14412 - mexicandudeinsd (6 hours ago) [-]
I know you can get extended mags, but i meant on how it was designed.
User avatar #14418 to #14417 - captfuckhead (5 hours ago) [-]
they aren't extended magazines? That's stock capacity for the P14. It's a double-stack magazine that necks down to a single stack to facilitate the use of an 80-series slide assembly. If I wanted extended magazines, Pro-Mag makes 20-rounders, but I don't like crap hanging out the bottom of my pistol that much.
User avatar #14419 to #14418 - mexicandudeinsd (5 hours ago) [-]
youre telling me that 1911 has 14 rounds in that mag?
damn nice
#14424 to #14419 - captfuckhead (5 hours ago) [-]
Yes. STI also makes one, and if you're more budget-oriented, Rock Island makes a doublestack 1911, as well. But the going price when I was shopping, the Rock Island was $589, and as I said, through CDNN, the Para was only $10 more, and comes complete with match grade barrel and fiber optic front sight. My only major complaint with my P14 so far is there's a bit of up-down walk to the trigger, so a trigger job is on the to-do list down the road. But overall I like it. It'll make for a great self-defense pistol.
#14393 - Absolute Madman (23 hours ago) [-]
what should I look for in a high quality hunter knife.
User avatar #14423 to #14393 - Major Mayhem (5 hours ago) [-]
Full tang, good steel, good warranty, and something utility. Doesn't need to be fancy.
User avatar #14399 to #14393 - mexicandudeinsd (19 hours ago) [-]
has to be 3 inches bigger than your dick
thats about all the requirements
also the blades steel, and how the steel is connected to the handle
User avatar #14387 - supertanto ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
I wanna buy a gask mask. Any advice?
User avatar #14410 to #14387 - mechanicexplain ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
Unless you want to drop money on a higher end mask, go with an Israeli Civilian model. They're cheap, and filters are cheap.
User avatar #14414 to #14410 - supertanto ONLINE (7 hours ago) [-]
My cousin went to college in Tel Aviv a few years ago. Maybe she still has hers...
User avatar #14390 to #14387 - roliga (05/27/2015) [-]
You're never actually gonna need it so just buy whatever looks cool to you
User avatar #14391 to #14390 - supertanto ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
My friend and I wanna build smoke and stun grenades and try them out and shit so I kinda will need it but yeah good advice. I was looking around to see if any had like infrared or NV capabilities or voice module shit but I guess not
#14396 to #14391 - backwoodsexplain (21 hours ago) [-]
it sounds like you are about to do some things
these things are not only probably felonious things,
but very stupid things
do not do these things
User avatar #14398 to #14396 - supertanto ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
are there even any laws about smoke and stun grenades?
User avatar #14401 to #14400 - supertanto ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
that doesn't sound like a law to me
User avatar #14404 to #14401 - mexicandudeinsd (19 hours ago) [-]
go ahead and post results here comrade
User avatar #14405 to #14404 - supertanto ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
it won't be for a while but i'll try and come back and remember
User avatar #14406 to #14405 - mexicandudeinsd (19 hours ago) [-]
so how u gonna do these bombs?
User avatar #14413 to #14406 - supertanto ONLINE (7 hours ago) [-]
Lol i unno he's the engineer I'm the retard test subject
User avatar #14415 to #14413 - mexicandudeinsd (6 hours ago) [-]
may pepe follow you in your journey
User avatar #14416 to #14415 - supertanto ONLINE (6 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #14397 to #14396 - supertanto ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #14388 to #14387 - supertanto ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
autistic typo is autistic
#14382 - klowserpok ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
>this is what some people actually believe
>this is what some people actually believe
User avatar #14394 to #14382 - gibroner ONLINE (21 hours ago) [-]
haha does this retard seriously believe that we just went into tiny african deep jungle tribes and just fucking netted em. HAHA what a fucking liberal fucktard, it's like he's never heard of Arab slave traders or the berber ones, or the west african kingdoms selling war captives in exhange for guns to fight more wars, to get more captives, to sell for more guns and so on.
User avatar #14392 to #14382 - hourlyb ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
Only good thing about that cartoon was that it put Moore on Trey Parker and Matt Stone's shit list.
User avatar #14386 to #14382 - supertanto ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
I expected another scene about school shootings
User avatar #14355 - twiley ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
Any thoughts on what this is?


/pol/ says neutron bomb because theyre retarded, half /k/ says thermite, full /k/ says ammo dump with solid rocket fuel

what do you guys think
User avatar #14384 to #14355 - scowler (05/27/2015) [-]
Starts out like Thermite. Ends like a fuel-air bomb of some sort...
User avatar #14360 to #14355 - unlithe ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
how would a neutron bomb even work? are they now splitting subatomic particles or something?
User avatar #14359 to #14355 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
I think its freedom infused with commie tears
#14318 - joethebeast (05/26/2015) [-]
Can't wait to fire this dirty cocksucker I built when I get home
User avatar #14426 to #14318 - misanthrizzle (2 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #14395 to #14318 - gibroner ONLINE (21 hours ago) [-]
what am I looking at here?
User avatar #14409 to #14395 - joethebeast (12 hours ago) [-]
That is a potato cannon good sir, first one I've made
User avatar #14411 to #14409 - gibroner ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
ahh nice
User avatar #14356 to #14318 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
aloha snackbar comrade
User avatar #14309 - unlithe ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
good semi for around $800? right now i'm thinking either a ruger AR556 or a VEPR ak74.
#14322 to #14309 - hatsune (05/26/2015) [-]
you can always upgrade the AR556

the VPER will always be what it is
User avatar #14357 to #14322 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
unlithe and for that reason you should get vepr
User avatar #14361 to #14357 - unlithe ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
know anywhere reputable and legal i could get one? obviously i'm looking for a non-shit gun with well made parts.
User avatar #14363 to #14361 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
don't get the vepr.
you'll regret it in the long run
#14365 to #14363 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]

out of stock

If you plan on upgrading your fancy toys get ruger
if you want a simple dank rifle get vepr
User avatar #14358 to #14357 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
what kind of good rifle needs "upgrades"
User avatar #14362 to #14358 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
with the AR556 you can change the barrel easy, add a free float hand guard
add a new trigger that isn't a single stage abortion
stocks, handguards, optics
a platform for near endless possibilities
i know that ruger barrel is capable of near, if not, sub-moa

but you don't anything about that, because you've never handled anything nice.
User avatar #14364 to #14362 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
theres no need for all of that
that would just depend on the users preferance, some like their rifles upgraded, some like them close to stock

I've handled ARs before, I dont see a need for all that fancy crap, all a man needs is a rifle
User avatar #14367 to #14364 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
i used to be like you

my first rifle was a WASR 10
i bought into the ARs shit were they eat meme
that AKs were more reliable, better rifles
i convinced myself of that because i was 18, and poor
i built my AK74, i pressed the barrel in, i drilled the pins, i know every bit of that rifle.
i don't even shoot them anymore
ARs are just so much more enjoyable in every single way
User avatar #14368 to #14367 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
then i took reality to the face

wasr suck tho
see the problem here is i dont think like that, i know ars are good, but i dont need every fancy crap that people put on them, Id buy an ar no problem, would i upgrade every little part, no cause i see no need for it.
#14369 to #14368 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
i have 2 ARs that aren't for upgrading much
an M16A1, which is an AR in it's purest most perfect form
and an M16A4 clone, which may just add an ACOG to one day

anyway the AR is a better rifle for adding optics, and if you deny that optics are useful then you have no credibility whatsoever
User avatar #14370 to #14369 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
Youre telling me you cant add optics to ak? brah
we live in a world were rails are coming out of everyones assholes
User avatar #14371 to #14370 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
no, im telling you the AR is better for it
because nearly every one now comes with a flat top

good AK mounting solutions are expensive, and that defeats the point of buying a fucking AK anyway
User avatar #14385 to #14371 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
of course not
its decided then
galil master race
User avatar #14372 to #14371 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
The point of buying an ak is to shoot an ak
AK has those rail dust covers, or rail handguards or those mounts that attach to the side of the receiver

price doesnt matter here since youre upgrading everything else, you cant tell me price suddenly started to matter
User avatar #14373 to #14372 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
from a poorfag point of view, yeah
for 800 you can buy a better AR than an AK, and have it optics ready

in this day and age, the only reason to buy an AK over an AR is because you like rocking mags and right side charging handles
User avatar #14375 to #14373 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
youre still gonna spend cash on optics which if youre poor you can buy, so rails dont serve a purpose yet

folding stocks
User avatar #14376 to #14375 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
primary arms has a pretty fantastic 1-6x for $300
and you buy an AR556 for $600
you're still under a grand and you have a great setup

>muh folding stocks
oh yes, the fall back argument of every faggot who likes some rifle other than the AR
does your AK have a folding stock? i'd like to see it

my SCAR 17s has a folding stock
i never use it.
a collapsed AR15 stock is pretty damn short
User avatar #14377 to #14376 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
Does that nigga want an ar or an ak

haters gon hate
also an ak can do anything an ar can do, most current rifles can do what other current rifles can do, and tbh i think a left charging handle is better than a right charging handle or the ar charging handle in the back

cause u aint oper8ing correctly
#14378 to #14377 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
don't you try to fucking talk to me about charging handles.

and the AK has a right side charging handle, unless you mean rifles with properly designed charging handles on the left. then i agree
User avatar #14379 to #14378 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
my statement stands

yes, like the ak12 has it on the left which i think its an improvement
User avatar #14380 to #14379 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
so does the Galil ACE
and you can actually buy that one
User avatar #14381 to #14380 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
what price do those run?
User avatar #14383 to #14381 - hatsune (05/27/2015) [-]
and i hope you don't think an AK12 would be cheaper
User avatar #14306 - cptmongtard (05/26/2015) [-]
As a brit, I've never fired a gun before. I'm joining the Parachute Regiment in October. Tips so that I don't do shit on first time? I shoot an air rifle sometimes and I'm alright with that
#14316 to #14306 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
dont anticipate the recoil
put the stock all the way into your shoulder
control your breathing
remember to have a good stance
aim correctly by using the front sight only
take your time and gently pull the trigger

my biscut friend that should help i think
User avatar #14329 to #14316 - cptmongtard (05/26/2015) [-]
Thanks, man!
#14331 to #14329 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
no problema amigo
User avatar #14305 - lgninjaleetful ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
so, what does FJ think of kukri knives?

good shit? or shitty shit?
User avatar #14307 to #14305 - unlithe ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
they're pretty okay if you get a well made one. they work almost as well as a hatchets for survival and better for combat, if it ever comes to that. what is the context in which you would be using one?
User avatar #14323 to #14307 - lgninjaleetful ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
I go innawoods ing a bit, so I was thinking about getting one, they seem to be reliable and strong for many situations.

I saw one on amazon for about 90 bucks and apparently its made from the kukri house or whatever. but id imagine id get what i pay for with a kukri knife, I still want one thats real well made if you have any suggestions on where i can get one
User avatar #14374 to #14323 - unlithe ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
sorry for the late response. its not too hard to find a good one. all you gotta do is make sure it's full tang and that its forged instead of another manufacture type. its also good if the blade is pretty thick. full tang just means that its one piece of metal from blade to handle.
User avatar #14389 to #14374 - lgninjaleetful ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
Alright cool, shouldnt be hard to find a good one. thanks
#14290 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
only need to buy myself another 590 and another gsg522
User avatar #14324 to #14290 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
>no sks
#14332 to #14324 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
I would consider sks if prices werent almost as high as ak, like $400+ , and you can buy an ak for around 500-700$
Also its a positive and negative with not using detachable mags
but thats about it, i would get one if it wasnt for the price

чики брики и в дамке
User avatar #14333 to #14332 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
while it doesn't have a detachable mag, you can easily buy them for it.

personally i like the stripper clips, weight less, and take just as long to reload if you're good. plus if you're in a firefight in shtf you won't need to worry so much if you drop one due to them being so damn cheap
User avatar #14334 to #14333 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
>not being able to attach 90 round drum
brah r u even oper8ing in shtf

well if i were to buy sks it would be russian or east german or polish, but cant find those for good prices
User avatar #14335 to #14334 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
there actually is a way to mod it to it'll accept ak mags
User avatar #14336 to #14335 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
yes i know, and theres also some sks that accept the mags without mods, and other stuff but what benefits does sks have over ak
User avatar #14337 to #14336 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
sks is a little bit more accurate, but that's about it
User avatar #14342 to #14337 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
AK master race
but will get sks someday for the family swag
also svt40
User avatar #14343 to #14342 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
personally i don't like the look of the ak, and for the price that you're going to pay for a low-end ak you could buy a higher-end sks
User avatar #14344 to #14343 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
youre telling me a gold plated akm doesnt appeal to you?
#14345 to #14344 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
it's not the metal parts, it's the stocks

i like stocks that are all one piece, looks less tacticool and has worked perfectly fine for centuries
#14346 to #14345 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
what about these stocks?
User avatar #14348 to #14346 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
it's a bit better, but i still prefer the sks look

an svt40 would be awesome, but those are fucking expensive
User avatar #14349 to #14347 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
and these?
yes svt40 has a sexy look to it
svd master race
User avatar #14351 to #14349 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
looks like it would be uncomfortable to shoot those, the ak is meant to have a pistol grip
User avatar #14352 to #14351 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
not uncomfortable in any way
shoots like other classic rifles
User avatar #14353 to #14352 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/27/2015) [-]
the trigger is a lot farther away from the grip on the ak though
User avatar #14354 to #14353 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
there are conversions you can do if you wish to add a pistol grip and move the trigger group forward
User avatar #14350 to #14349 - mexicandudeinsd (05/27/2015) [-]
#14296 to #14290 - solarknight (05/26/2015) [-]
but why?
User avatar #14297 to #14296 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
>not hearing of dual wielding aka akimbo
#14298 to #14297 - solarknight (05/26/2015) [-]
>no bayonets for gun and sword combo.
User avatar #14299 to #14298 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
dual wielding spears dawg
User avatar #14301 to #14300 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
see comrade
need more guns
#14302 to #14301 - solarknight (05/26/2015) [-]
duct tape and kitchen knives.
#14291 to #14290 - Absolute Madman (05/26/2015) [-]
where did you get the mp5?
User avatar #14293 to #14291 - roliga (05/26/2015) [-]
It's not an Mp5
User avatar #14292 to #14291 - mexicandudeinsd (05/26/2015) [-]
big 5

heres a link to the model and its website

also check out mp40 and stg44
#14283 - marlton ONLINE (05/25/2015) [-]
Was looking for a new wallpaper when I noticed something wasn't quite right...
User avatar #14286 to #14283 - gibroner ONLINE (05/25/2015) [-]
are you referrring to the fact that magazines are smoking or the jellybeans
User avatar #14287 to #14286 - hatsune (05/25/2015) [-]
looks like airsoft magazines with co2 cylinders
#14277 - backwoodsexplain (05/25/2015) [-]
Yo /guns/, I need help. my buddy just joined the army as a fucking water treatment specialist. I need something creative to call him.
>inb4 Waterboy, we already used it
For your trouble, he'res a way to turn clays into rifle targets using cardboard. a sporting goods store near me was actually selling these, 12$. It's cardboard they cut up...
User avatar #14325 to #14277 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
is his brother a poolman?
User avatar #14339 to #14338 - chikibriki ONLINE (05/26/2015) [-]
www.imdb.com/title/tt0110123/it's a reference to this
#14340 to #14339 - backwoodsexplain (05/26/2015) [-]
dude 404 was the best movie ever
User avatar #14280 to #14277 - duudegladiator ONLINE (05/25/2015) [-]
Would "The Purifier" work?
#14282 to #14280 - backwoodsexplain (05/25/2015) [-]
oh god yes
i get to decorate his parking spot tomorrow, will post pic
User avatar #14276 - lgninjaleetful ONLINE (05/25/2015) [-]
I live in Ohio and i was wondering how i can find gun shows in my area, i hear about them and how you can find some pretty good guns at good prices.

Mainly just curious as to how i can become more aware of anything going on in my area
User avatar #14279 to #14276 - gibroner ONLINE (05/25/2015) [-]
just google gun shows in your area or pay attention to bill boards that's how a lot of guns shows in my area advertise, also be careful sometimes gunshows will have stuff for cheap there but there's probably a lot of stuff that's way overpriced
User avatar #14281 to #14279 - lgninjaleetful ONLINE (05/25/2015) [-]
Yeah my budget is low anyway, so ill only be able to avoid higher priced guns.

good or not
#14267 - icecubeslayer (05/24/2015) [-]
Picked this up at a gun show Saturday, from an actual retailer, not some redneck. I have yet to fire it, but it's new, feels solid, and all the internals seem original.
#14278 to #14267 - hatsune (05/25/2015) [-]
now throw it away and buy an AR
User avatar #14271 to #14267 - roliga (05/24/2015) [-]
Any excessive mag wobble?
User avatar #14330 to #14271 - icecubeslayer (05/26/2015) [-]
I grabbed 2 magazines when I stopped by the range today, and those 2 wobble like mad. They were fairly cheap, so I'm not really surprised.
The one it came with is still fine, though.
User avatar #14272 to #14271 - icecubeslayer (05/24/2015) [-]
There's a little bit of a wiggle, but nothing bad.
User avatar #14255 - captfuckhead (05/24/2015) [-]
Just got back from the range with my P14. A little over 100 rounds fired(range trip with m dad, we shared 2 100 round boxes and a 50 round box of .45, still some leftover), and what can I say? 0 hiccups, 0 malfunctions, and very accurate. Fun day.
#14257 to #14255 - captfuckhead (05/24/2015) [-]
I was really just having fun. What's great is these range targets also have ball-shots scored on the dude, too. Really took a lot of discipline to not start poppin' the dude in the sack.
User avatar #14259 to #14257 - roliga (05/24/2015) [-]
I don't think you should be making comments on the gun's accuracy capability if your groupings look like that.
User avatar #14260 to #14259 - captfuckhead (05/24/2015) [-]
and I quote, "I was really just having fun". You know, fun? That thing you do that makes you happy? I also forgot to mention(but I'm sure you can count the holes), I ran six magazines through that target. Six magazines, 14 rounds each, and was having FUN with it. I have the target here, and there's only one flyer, and it hit the target in the arm. None of them directly missed the dude on the target. So, for general fucking around, I'd say it's pretty accurate.
User avatar #14261 to #14260 - roliga (05/24/2015) [-]
That's got nothing to do with the gun's accuracy that you're commenting on though, that's yours. I mean if your definition of having fun is having 10 inch groupings then you do you. No need to write me a paragraph out of defensiveness.
User avatar #14262 to #14261 - captfuckhead (05/24/2015) [-]
And yet, in generally fucking around, all rounds are on target. In self defense terms, any of those hits would incapacitate or even kill. I'll do me, if you go do you somewhere else, how about that? Because I'm just trying to enjoy my birthday and my new firearm, and there's no need to be a prick on the internet about it. I appreciate your concerns about my accuracy, but in all honesty, I wasn't directly trying for accuracy. New barrel, it needed to be broken in. Plus, I read all the lovely horror stories about how P14s are jam-o-matics online, and taking that with a grain of salt, I had to make sure that was just what it was; much ado about nothing.

You're within your rights to run your mouth, especially here. And I'm well within my rights to tell you to fuck off and let me enjoy my handgun.
User avatar #14263 to #14262 - roliga (05/24/2015) [-]
Jesus kid you need to chill. All I'm saying is that it's not a great idea to comment on the accuracy of a gun with groups like that seeing as you weren't even shooting from bench so how would you know how accurate the gun is when the gun itself is more accurate than the shooter? Also barrels don't get "broken in" fyi.
#14269 to #14263 - hourlyb ONLINE (05/24/2015) [-]
>Starts shit
>Continues argument
>"Jesus kid you need to chill"
You had a valid point, but still.

User avatar #14270 to #14269 - roliga (05/24/2015) [-]
I'm not starting shit, I'm making a statement. And yes, the kid did need to chill.
User avatar #14273 to #14270 - hourlyb ONLINE (05/25/2015) [-]
Did you really need to make it though?
User avatar #14274 to #14273 - roliga (05/25/2015) [-]
No, I did it because I wanted to. That's reason enough.
User avatar #14275 to #14274 - hourlyb ONLINE (05/25/2015) [-]
Well then don't be surprised when people react.
#14265 to #14263 - Absolute Madman (05/24/2015) [-]
man you're a fucking dick, i dont know why everybody here rides your cock

you're just an asshole

fuck off already the only people here who worship you are a bunch of weak willed faggots

just stop being a cunt already
User avatar #14266 to #14265 - roliga (05/24/2015) [-]
Because I know what I'm talking about and I'm not gonna hold back just because I might hurt your poor little feelings, get over it and harden up a little bit.
User avatar #14264 to #14263 - captfuckhead (05/24/2015) [-]
Not a kid, but honestly, I'm not sober. Decided to enjoy the drinky a little bit since it's the weekend. Sorry if I got a little bitchy about it. I just don't get much time or money to go out to the range as much as I like, and I'll admit, I'm a bit rusty. Going to the range means a 70 mile drive for me, so it's a bit of a trek.

But tell you what, next time I go, I'll try for accuracy from the bench, and post the results. What's the best distance for that? I was shooting at 15 yards today. Have another target that I backed off to the backstop(50 yards I think), and all rounds hit the target, save 3. I would say not too shabby, honestly. Though I will admit, I need more time and rounds to get better.
User avatar #14247 - lgninjaleetful ONLINE (05/23/2015) [-]
Is bud's gun shop reliable? I hear they can be a hassle, I was thinking about ordering from them.
#14249 to #14247 - Absolute Madman (05/23/2015) [-]
User avatar #14251 to #14249 - hourlyb ONLINE (05/23/2015) [-]
Yeah, good reliable source on anything.
#14254 to #14251 - Absolute Madman (05/23/2015) [-]
lmao dont be a douchedick, he does_ le ironic satire_ XDDD, he's not a shill or a bullshitter
User avatar #14225 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
Oi coonts.

Lets be quick: Im Canadian, want a nice, compact bush gun, and dont want to spend more than $1000 CAD. Also, I have a mild dislike of the 30-30 cartridge that I dont want to get into, but I'd be willing to say "fuck it" if I had enough of a reason to.

Any suggestions?
#14234 to #14225 - hatsune (05/23/2015) [-]
suck you can't get anything cool, eh mate

get a model 94
User avatar #14235 to #14234 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]

Ill look into em. Winchester is, after all, Winchester. Even a bad one is still a pretty good one.
#14236 to #14235 - hatsune (05/23/2015) [-]
i have 2
light handy carbines
User avatar #14252 to #14236 - hourlyb ONLINE (05/23/2015) [-]
Did you put a Israeli flag on a Austrian rifle for irony, or what?
User avatar #14237 to #14236 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]

I notice a slavshit milsurp that I have that you dont!

And yeah, a friend of mine has one. Ill tell him to bring it to our camp tomorrow, and ill put a few rounds through it.
#14238 to #14237 - hatsune (05/23/2015) [-]
let me guess
an SVT40

which are about $800 here for whatever reason
User avatar #14240 to #14238 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
But, admittedly, you can get AK-platforms, and ARs that arent restricted.

On a secondary not, do you know anything about building ARs in Canada? Im considering it heavily.
#14241 to #14240 - hatsune (05/23/2015) [-]
i know that you can
and get most of the parts you can get stateside

i didn't know if there are any that are not restricted, however that works
User avatar #14242 to #14241 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
Anything that isnt the lower receiver isnt even considered a weapon, assuming thats what you meant.

There arent any AR 15s that are non-restricted, because they look scary. Same reason all AK platforms, up to and including Dragunov and Vepr, are prohibited.

I'm sure I can get most parts up from the states. Have any suggestions for a sub $1000 CAD (thats my limit for most things) builds?
#14243 to #14242 - hatsune (05/23/2015) [-]

AR prices are bit inflated up there
User avatar #14244 to #14243 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
Wow, fuck that.

If you were in my place, and had roughly the same budget, what would you buy? Im considering a Norinco M14 clone, and putting the required money into it to make it not suck.

really, I have the cash to blow and the willingness to put it on the word of an internet stranger. Gimme some ideas, if you dont mind.
#14245 to #14244 - hatsune (05/23/2015) [-]
>what would you buy
my way into the US
i mean, what did this build cost me, like 1500
not including the acog

my knowledge of canadian stuff is based of a few guys on /k/
User avatar #14248 to #14245 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
Also, I may or may not have just went "fuck it" while under the influence of 12 Bolshevik Bastards and ordered a VZ-24.

So theres that.
User avatar #14246 to #14245 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
Well that sucks shit.

Fuck it, Ill buy a Ross. If it was good enough to accidentally injure Canadian soldiers at the Somme, its good enough for me.

Will post pictures two weeks from now, when I get it.
#14239 to #14238 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]

If its any consolation, I enjoy mine immensely.

1940 Ishvesk vintage, picked her up for $300 CAD at Canadian Tire. Also, that "some reason" (assuming you're american) was Clinton passing some dumbfuck bill that banned/heavily restricted the import of Russian semi autos.

Whcih may be an issue, because I'm temporarily moving to the US in a few years to learn gunsmithing as my post-secondary, if I can at all do so. Ill have to leave my funs here D:
User avatar #14226 to #14225 - Zarke (05/23/2015) [-]
It's probably pushing your price point, but Browning's BLR would do the trick. We have the takedown model in .308.

Tikka's T3 might come in a compact package that suits your needs. The one I handled had a very slick bolt, and apparently that's standard for that line. I'm pretty sure it's a more accessible price than the BLR as well.
User avatar #14227 to #14226 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
I've shot BLRs before, and ill take a look.

The T3 is a little longer than I'm looking for. You know any nice pistol-caliber levers?
User avatar #14229 to #14227 - Zarke (05/23/2015) [-]
Though my best bet would be Uberti.
User avatar #14230 to #14229 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
From what I've heard, Uberti makes great rifles. From some quick googling, the Henry Big Boy in .44 seems to be about on point for what im looking for. Do you have any experience with henry?
User avatar #14231 to #14230 - Zarke (05/23/2015) [-]
Nope. My hands-on experience is largely limited to shotguns. Sorry man
User avatar #14232 to #14231 - enkmaster (05/23/2015) [-]
Well, I cant really complain about free advice, can I?

Thanks anyway
User avatar #14233 to #14232 - Zarke (05/23/2015) [-]
No worries. Good luck!
User avatar #14228 to #14227 - Zarke (05/23/2015) [-]
I haven't handled very many, but I can do some quick browsing.
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