germans. i'm german too so it is legit joking about it.. Its like saying , if say its ok but when says its not ok. The story of Hansjsand Gretel wouldn' t be th
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******************* I like how you put it, it's racist yet it's not racist.
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actually... it is believed that the whole holocaust was blown out of proportion by the Americans so they could invade and set up bases in central Europe. Zyklon B was pretty much proven to be an ineffective method of murder, only causing fatality in less than 20% of its victims. The car exhaust connected to the shower heads would have taken way too long and would even penetrate the gas masks of the soldiers who would have to carry out the dead bodies.

The only burning that happened was when they burned the bodies of the deceased. Near the end of the war, the living conditions in the work camps were terrible, and a lot of people died - even officiers/soldiers. At the beginning, the work camps were quite nice! They had orchestras, days off, plays, the workers were allowed alcohol in the evening. It was actually quite nice.

Dr. Mengele did however burn some folks alive - for his tests on how much the human body could withstand.
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Zylkon B is a cyanide based poison, and was used in Rat poison for several years. It is a very efficient chemical, killing you on the cellular level. It was efficient. But only 1/6th of the people killed in the event was with Zyklon B. The rest were killed by other means.
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I literally cannot think of Hansel and Gretel without thinking of these two creepy little ******* .

Whose story arc was considerably better than Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.....
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That arc was unexpectedly 			******		 up for Black Lagoon
That arc was unexpectedly ****** up for Black Lagoon
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