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User avatar #30 - cmurderx (09/26/2010) [-]
martin luther is the funniest
#32 to #30 - leted (09/26/2010) [-]
just to clarify for everyone else; the Martin Luther in the comic that me and cmurderx are referring to was not Martin Luthur King, but a preist who overturned christianity's lying to people about indulgences (indulgences are pieces of paper that will get your ancestors out of purgatory; its not true and the church charge fortunes for them)
#40 to #32 - thenewdavout (09/26/2010) [-]
thank you good sir for asuming that we were all morons who didn't know that...
#39 to #32 - dyjaba **User deleted account** (09/26/2010) [-]
that's almost as ****** up as telling people that there's a man in the sky who watches all of us all the time
User avatar #33 to #32 - cmurderx (09/26/2010) [-]
why thank you kind sir
#35 to #33 - leted (09/26/2010) [-]
your very welcome.
#45 to #35 - ISRjustgun (09/27/2010) [-]
So pretty much what your saying is that, a endless vast vacuum appeared out of no where, and a rock exploded making a planet, and that some cell decided to play with himself and make a clone with himself, and do it over and over and over again till he was visible. That Martin Luther was also talking about the Catholics, they make you pay for slavation. Christians dont.
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