If Real Life were like Video Games 2. here is part two.<br /> part 1<br /> /funny_pictures/948846/If+Real+Life+were+like+Video+Games/. If Real Life  Video games play the game
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If Real Life were like Video Games 2

If Real Life Were Like
Video Games
Part 2
my 28 Divider or Zero
Oblivion _ Om a
You were a prisoner, but you are also the chosen one! The
emperor lets you out and he dies and give you a really
important relic. You are probably really excited now CUE its the
most important one in the world. The guard just randomly
gives you a key to get out. You find the emperor' s son, stomp
out some huge gates to hell. You get to fight dragons that used
to be little kid. (Fuck, forget the guns, these kids are fucking
dragons now.) And you can make whatever you want if you
have a scroll.
Accountwaswiped _ _ ratty
You never die! Instead all you get are scars that
make you unattractive. You get a dog that can
find things that are buried and lead you
anywhere. You get to buy a shop or in and make
it whatever price you want. And you get magic
powers. Seems like a fun place, until some
asshole tries to steal you woman!!! MWAHAHA!!
Crackdown series
my 3 maven emu
M W Credit to N O
You are a giant fighting soldier who has access
to military armory and can jump from building
to building. You get to fight mutants and
terrorists EVERYDAY!! That means you get to
kick someone' s ass every time you get mad
after you die. Its no big deal though cuz if you
do die, then you come back like its no big deal.
You can heal in just five seconds by hiding.
Thats it! No bandage or anything!
Condemned series 1" "l Jr" , ’
Everyone except a handful of people are crazy.
You must figure out how people died while
crazy clown girls on their period try to kill you
with whatever sharp object they can find. You
also get better aim with a gun after drinking
lots of booze. The crazy people all want to kill
you and the girls seem to want to have your
babies... Kinda weird.
I decided to make a part 2. I didnt get many
useable ideas, If you have one then you gotta
put how it would be in real life, There are still
games I have not played yet so help would be
nice, But keep the ideas coming in case!
decided to make a part 3, Depends on if part
two is liked,
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