Easter Eggs Galore IX. 1x1=11!<br /> /funny_pictures/987223/Easter+Eggs+Galore+XI/. Easter Eggs Galore! I, Kill Bill Vol. 1: Go to the scene where Uma Thu laughalotw Easter Eggs
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Easter Eggs Galore IX

Easter Eggs Galore!
I, Kill Bill Vol. 1: Go to the scene where Uma Thurman is walking across
the giant zen garden, the zen garden is in the scene where Uma kills the
Crazy 88' s. When the camera is shooting from underneath the zen
garden you get a shot of the sole of Uma Thurman' s shoe. Thot shoe
sole says the dirty words F""" U.
2. Brother Bear: When the humans are in the stream with Their net
catching salmon, if you pause it when a bunch jump up you will notice
that Nemo is in there with Them. These movies were coming out around
the same time so this is a pretty cool egg.
During the scene where the people are floating in the big intersection,
look closely at one of the signs in the middle of the screen. Just
before the vew changes you' ll see the title for Their hover chairs: the
people movers. us This is an obvious reference to the old Disneyland
ride, the people movers which would transfor' t Tourists around the
4. Half Life 2: In the chapter "Our Mutual Fiend" when you are sent to
the secondary silo, you' ll come to a room where a vortigaunt in a
labcoat lets you in. There is a huge barrel in the room and while facing
it, you can crouch on the left side of . You will see a stool, a table,
and a computer with the numbers from LOST displayed on .
5. Foster' s Home for, Imaginary Friends:
After Mac gets kicked off the bowling team, he walks by the shoe
rentals, You can see The Dude, Walter, and Donny renting shoes.
IT must not be Saturday or else Walter would be throwing a fit!
6. Star, Wars the Force Unleashed:
Step 1: Go to the third level (the junkyard area)
Step 2: The moment you turn left, lift up the perform and
jump across to the main area/ Where one of the 3 engines is located)
Step 3: Stand tta the edge of the island facing where you have to go
to progress in the level, you should see a ray of light into the sky,
Step 4: You should be able to Target this ray of light and lift it
using your force grab.
Voila, one X Wing.
T, Pirana Short Films Collection - Volume 1: Go to Set up, select
subtitles. At the subtitles section select the up arrow to go to
English, select the up arrow again and a red chair,
appears on the floor plan map. This will play a short test
animation of a beach chain
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