Offensive Jokes pt. 2. Part 2: /funny_pictures/981504/Offensive+Jokes+pt+1/<br /> EDIT: Part 3: /funny_pictures/986436/Offensive+Jokes+pt+3/. Defensive Jo offensive jokes
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Offensive Jokes pt. 2

Defensive Jokes Part 2
Q: What do spinach and anal sex have in common?
A: If you were forced to have it as a kid, you' ll hate it as an adult.
I locked my keys in my car outside of an abortion clinic the
other night. It turns out they get really pissed when you go in
and ask them for a coat hanger.
What' s white on top and black on bottom? Society
What' s worse than a pile of dead babies? The one in the
middle trying to chew its way out.
Rape isn' t a laughing matter, unless it is with a clown.
Hardest part of having sex with a 7 year old? Getting the
blood out of the clown suit.
Best part? Watching the 7 year old cry in court.
Q: What' s better than winning a gold 3 421?, :,:;:_:'m IS m t E Fire M
medal in the Special Olympics?
A: Not being retarded, Another one: "Firefox" is not
Q: What' s long, black and smelly?
A: An unemployment line,
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