Ode to bulbasaur!. Re-uploading my old junk<br /> original: /funny_pictures/415579/Ode+to+bulbasaur/. my an his IS an we in An original starter . wins mun Ode to Squirtle charmander bulbasaur september Awesome Pokemon
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Ode to bulbasaur!

my an
his IS an we in
An original starter .
wins mun
Is is ma bulbasaur pikaman card!
This is bulbasaur
new bask in his glory we damn It!
Wraped vines mmakes pollen)
the brain to was to the
Beak This IS the bums
anatomy Of an bulbasaurb
eat mi. mum
This is n cyan's and
Happiness comic about
yeah has so no ass
M' s In a GEM comic!
Bubbasaur #001
By Mini
A. Eggs buried new bulb
B. seed pod
was mi in infant' s bank.
c. Mature pm provides
And this is an epic pic of the three mast epic starts -
Including bulbasaurb
Thumbs up n you like in
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Submitted: 09/19/2010
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