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#38 - demented
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(09/16/2010) [-]
I've been a part of FJ for years but I have to say that FJ has became a part of me is a better way to put it. I was an anon when FJ was yellow and all was right with the world. A younger lad at the time; more naive, less corrupted, visiting for the lulz alone. When FJ turned green it took me by surprise. I thought "What is happening to the sight that I have come to love?" but I nothing truly changed that day only the color and the possibility of more hilarity. When the option of membership came up I turned it down for quite a while preferring to stay anonymous and simply enjoy the lulz; that would have keep things simple, but I wanted more. I joined as a member around March, I felt out of place but I made friends & grew to love FJ even more