Walmart. Part 2 /funny_pictures/935475/Walmart+2/<br /> I expected this to only get about 3 thumbs. Thanks for the FP . August 24th, 2010 SOME PEOPLE SAY  Walmart stories people of
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Walmart. Part 2 /funny_pictures/935475/Walmart+2/<br /> I expected this to only get about 3 thumbs. Thanks for the FP . August 24th, 2010 SOME PEOPLE SAY

Part 2 /funny_pictures/935475/Walmart+2/<br />
I expected this to only get about 3 thumbs. Thanks for the FP

August 24th, 2010
I have been a cashier at walmart for only a short time, when a young maybe about 15 year old girl walks up to the
20 items or less aisle with 4 items one of those large cucumbers in shrink wrap and four boxes of condoms I
smile a completed the transaction in silence At the end of the transaction the young girl processes to say, "This
isnt what you think the cucumber is for my boyfriend " I laughed until I cried
August gnd, 2010
I was walking to my car alter shopping at my local Wallmart when I had to stop and do a double take. I saw a
little blue car with its back seat completely falled with groceries. I mean there were no air pockets between plastic
bags. This, however, wasn' t what stopped the After taking a second look I saw that their back seat was full
groceries and they were trying to rt their teenage son in the trunk!
August 16th, we
Now] have nothing against people from other countries, but apparently diferent cultures have their own
etiquette rules So I' m in a Walmart and I 5 late, and I' m ready to check out Now Mud want to mention that
this Walmart had done some recent remodeling and put In some pretty decent bathrooms, which are located
right across from the checkout I' m looking down all of the checkouts lanes, hoping to Forgt one that' s either open
and/ or has a short line, I look down one of the lanes and what dot see? A Muslim woman whose baby is lying
on the conveyor belt, and shes changing its diaper Did she not notice the restrooms, complete with a
Etta I u table‘?
August 23rd, 2010
While doing a bit attrocity shopping last week, I think I cracked the reason for the high obesity rate In
America As I rounded from one aisle to the next, I saw an end cap with various candy bars There was a
couple browsing the selection, I wouldn' t them as obese, but they were most certainly overweight As
the husband reached tor a package of candy barsi overheard his wife say (with absolutely no sense of
sarcasm In her voice), "Not those ones, grab the Mounds bars. They have coconut In them and you could use
the extra fruit,"
August 13th, we
I was at a Walmar In Rochester, NT and my mom and I were buying cat litter As we picked up the bucket to
put In the cart, the lid came clean oh (the seal was broken) to show a plastic bag lull or used cat litter So not
only did someone return it alter their cat had used it, but resell it Nice
July 28th, 2010
I' worked for Walmar for almost nine year now but there is one story that is the most memorable. I haden' t
worked there but a couple months as a cashier when a young couple comes through my line with four items,
chocolate syrup, whip cream, a jar of cherries and a box ct condoms. I had to keep myself tram laughing, and all
I could keep thinking is at least they are going to have some fun.
August tern, an o
I really had to pee and went Into a Wally world bathroom rm Sitting In the stall (rm a chick by the way) and all
M the sudden there Is a lady standing at the door to my stall, looking at me through the crack, and knocking on
the door I was totally leaked out I started yelling at her to get away What walked out she was
standing there saying she had tell her cell phone In there and was trying to ask me to pass it to her Ilold her
that It' s not okay to do thatl Freaked me the hell mil I never want to use their restrooms again!,
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