We all do these things.. Don't lie, you do them!<br /> Remember to subscribe for lulz. You know, we' re not so different. I' d pretty damn sure you do at  stuff we all do weird science funny Junk WTF the game
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We all do these things.

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We all do these things.. Don't lie, you do them!<br /> Remember to subscribe for lulz. You know, we' re not so different. I' d pretty damn sure you do at

Don't lie, you do them!<br />
Remember to subscribe for lulz

You know, we' re not so different. I' d pretty damn sure
you do at least afew ofthose. It' s human FUCKING
nature. Yes indeedy.
1. Everyone has at one time in their life looked up song lyrics online or sat reading the lyrics offere album
cover, and acted completely innocent when someone asked you 'how the hell do you know all the words?' You
might have gotten away with that, IF the song hadn' t been released only two days prior. Rookie error.
2. As soon as you' re left alone, usually in a public place, you go for your phone. Nope it didn' t make a noise and
no you don' t have any one to message, but you don' t want people seeing you sitting alone. So you 'fool' them
into thinking you have friends by using your phone.
3. Someone' s having a geezer at his or her photos from the night before you have quick look through and then
return the camera. The owner ofthe camera then says, 'how good did blah blah look?' You have no idea. Why is
that you ask? Because you only checked yourself out. You went through the entire album and only really took
any notice of how you looked. which was pretty damn fine I might add).
4. The number eutimes I' had out loud (sometimes aggressive) conversations with driving is
getting a little out of hand. I' ll even have arguments with people and play their part as well as mine and find
the argument, and have to remind myselfe am in control and that I should clearly be winning. I
also have conversation with famous people. They' always got some very interesting things to say.
ti. Checking your self out in the shop windows. The worst is when you' re looking at your reflection and notice an
onlooker laughing at you sizing yourself up. You then pretend you' re actually genuinely interested in looking at
something in the window. Give it up.
Trip over and immediately look around to see if any one has witnessed it. Your next reaction be it laughing or
crying or ignoring it will be determined by the reactions ofthose around you.
T. Girls are the only guilty offenders in this scenario. It' s a natural chain of events. Meet a guy, have a chat,
have a mini crush, then think how your name will look in front of his surname. Sometimes your quietly
disappointed if it doesn' t sound any good, and perk up with things like, 'it was never going to work out anyway.
lfie were to get married, my name would have been Megan Eagan.' Minor detail.
Feel unusually awkward when you keep passing the same acquaintance in every isle at the supermarket and
you made the idiotic mistake of saying hello in isle one.
S. Write a message to someone, hear nothing for a while and convince yourself your phone might be on silent or
think you heard it go off so check itjust in case. But the reality is you' got nothing, no love, no friends, no
nothing. Other times when you haven' t got a message for a day or so, you think your phone could be broken so
you switch it on and to make sure.
IO. Pretended you don' t speak English, say mummy and daddy aren' t home or come up with some ridiculous
excuse to fend offere advances ofa Tele marketer. Why do I care ifl offend them, they' re interrupting me and
they' re making me feel bad about telling them to stop interrupting me.
Thumb up ifyou do at
least one of these
Subscribe! Because i
love you...
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User avatar #2 - Natendragon
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(09/05/2010) [-]
Here's one for a future installment(if you ever make one):

You text someone, and keep your phone out for the longest time, waiting for them to reply. Right after you put your phone in your tight-hard-to-get-your-hands-in-pockets, they reply.
#3 to #2 - dohcvtec
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(09/05/2010) [-]
this happens to me all the time
#1 - CocaineIsVitaminII **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #4 - raibean
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(09/05/2010) [-]
Actually, I've never done 7, but that could be because I plan on keeping my last name.