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movie fail

Slur Wars
lungs head on clear
when the ; meatie into the centrel teem, the stem: trooper
en the right m the screen hits he; head entire deer frame. can the DVD
release they' added a theme when he hits t
razhe despairs "
The yellow Porsche is totatly wrecked on the we side. until Arnie drives it
in the "Bettie Carthage" in the Colosseum, ene m the chariots is turned
Over. Once the dust settles tree can see a gas cylinder m the each: the
is mend ' res
in the scene where Mary Jane is being mugged his feet men. Spiderpman
have of the men inte two Wintry// s tented Maw Jane. Then the
camera gees Lack beating up the ether we gigs when
the camera gees track Mary Jane the hue wander. -rs are intact
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Submitted: 11/12/2009
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#5 - Common Pepe (11/12/2009) [+] (4 replies)
she had perky nipples in that scene...
User avatar #7 to #5 - TheDeadPool (11/12/2009) [-]
i did too!!!
#16 - strater (11/13/2009) [-]
you could make a longer movie fail on twister... waaaaaaaay longer
still funny though
#12 - Common Pepe (11/12/2009) [+] (4 replies)
i seen this one in the matrix, the scene where neo stops like over 9000 bullets by raising a hand, then he pushes this guy into a wall and the guy who is about to make contact shakes his head rapidly 2 secs earlier rofl rofl
User avatar #15 to #14 - Darkstalkers (11/13/2009) [-]
OVER 9000!!!
#28 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [-]
In the synchronized swimming part at the intro to Austin Powers 2, when they all pop out of the water at the end, one of the hairnet things has fallen over one of the girls faces.
#26 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [-]
I wouldn't call the star wars one a fail if they left it and added sound effects to the scene plus just goes to show how storm troopers are dumb for being on the dark side :]
#25 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [-]
In Day of the Dead you can see a zombie stop to adjust his helmet
#24 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [-]
who has the time to watch a movie so much that u notice these retarded little things in the background and miss the whole point of watching a movie
#23 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [-]
not really a fail, but in full metal jacket, when it shows the camera crew passing by the soldiers as they take cover behind the hill and the tanks are firing, one of the soldiers, (the one who made friends with the dead gook) has a bb gun instead of a rifle.

and what the hell kind of a captcha is sorry?!?!?!
#21 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [-]
In Moulin Rouge while the Duke is talking to Zidler about buying the place there is a statue of a woman that keeps appearing and disappearing.

same thing happens with a towel in Stranger than Fiction when they're talking in the shower room.
#20 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [+] (1 reply)
That gas cylinder contained nitrous oxide...they had that back in ancient Rome to increase the running speed of horses. This is where we get the nomer "horsepower-maker". :)
#18 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [+] (1 reply)
the biggest one i have noticed is in jarisik park when the T-rex comes and is beating on the car and the car fall's over the cliff, BUT WERE DID THAT HUGE CLIFF COME FROM?!?!?!
#17 - Common Pepe (11/13/2009) [-]
in titanic there is a ******* surfer in the edge of the camera (in the ocean of course)
#11 - Common Pepe (11/12/2009) [-]
theres a couple in teh matrix too, like where you see the camera guy in the reflection on the doorknob or when his guns dissapear then reappear on teh rooftop when hes doing his bullet dodge with mr. smith
#10 - Common Pepe (11/12/2009) [-]
when u watch The Core they use a fish to break a window when all the birds go nut u can acctully see it very well....
#9 - Common Pepe (11/12/2009) [-]
addition: in underworld 2 the land rover looking suv that they drive to the mausoleum that gets ****** up by lycans is completely fine when the drive it to the docks
User avatar #3 - Supdude (11/12/2009) [+] (1 reply)
Thanks but I already know moviemistakes
#4 to #3 - Common Pepe (11/12/2009) [-]
no one cares what you think
#2 - Common Pepe (11/12/2009) [-]
i know another one. in 300 when he breaks the arrows with his spear, the tips are still there, the very next scene they are gone on everyones shields
#1 - Common Pepe (11/12/2009) [-]
I just watched Starwars a couple of days ago, and i cant believe i missed the head thump.
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