Physics Bug. . PX/ e got a, bug to regert What was God' s number again?. THATS THE POWER OF MIGHTY MEND IT physics bug


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With just two easy steps i can climb right over these seats and kick you right in the ******* balls!
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That is very simple the bulk of the mass is at the head of the hammer so essentailly what is happening is the head is using the string as a rotational axis and making the handle of the hammer push up on the ruler. This causes the ruler to rotate on the same axis as the hammer and to push down on the table. If you create even forces they will cancel each other out. No bug just Newton's first law in full effect
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100% true except for the part about newtons first law. this isnt a demonstration of inertia.
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what i didnt take four years of engineering school for nothin
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I'm a History major. I can count to potato.
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I'm a Political Science major. I can't count to potato, but they did tell me how to lie and say I can.
Captcha: lying. No joke, I swear.
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Big woop i can count to apple
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3 is right. I learned this in 6th grade.
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ever see the bird thing that balances on it's beak? same thing. this does work and it doesn't defy any laws of physics or gravity. it takes the right conditions but it can happen.
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No you ******** , it was just a really quickly taken photo. This is completely impossible, look at how much weight is balancing on the single centimeter that is on the table. Notice how you've never seen a video of this.
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as long as the center of gravity is right below where the ruler is on the wood, it will balance. It's about the location of the center of gravity. I'm an engineer and I know stuff like this. This is not impossible, it's very possible.

.... ********
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every1 lies on the internet and u sir would not be here if u were an engineer
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I also, am an engineer. It not only is possible, it is easy. Its the distribution of weight in the head of the hammer that makes it easy.

You however, are, indeed, a ******** , with a capital "F"!

and PS: Engineers do like: 1) Humor, 2) science and 3) internet.
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im no engineer but ive had a couple of physics classes in college and yeah, i belive its 100% possible
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Just beacause u lie doesnt mean everyone else does
my dad is an engineer and he is the one that SHOWED me this site
stupid douche
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oh yeah , I'm an engineer too.
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It's just simple balance... nothing special and I'm a geologist
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damn geologist...
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yeah my 7th teacher has on of those,
i broke it
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Reality has encountered a problem and needs to shut down.
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Damn nature YOU SCARY!!!
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i...i just cant...*headsplosion*
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ugh not another one!
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physics why can i never escape you?!!
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help somkey prevent wild fires!
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i agree with 13 its not photoshoped. anyone with knowledge of simple physics a wierd imagination and alot of spare tima could easily do this
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mommmmmmmm gravity is broken aga-ain!
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Crap! SOMEBODY, divided by zero!
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okay, i guess i have to explain this for all those people who keep saying this is fake. The ruler was held onto the edge of a table, as you can see, they took a small loop of string and put it around the ruler. they then took the hammer, and put the handle through the string so its parallel with the ruler, and the head is under the table. once it got to a certain point, the let the hammer go, so it would fall down, but the handle pushed up against the ruler, and the rubber on the handle prevents it from sliding. The weight that is now pushing up against the ruler counteracts the weight that was there to help gravity pull it off the table, so it stays stationary in the air, defying gravity/physics.
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It did not work I tried it, the hammer is inclined to fall, same with the rubber band. The rubber band wants to fall as well due to gravity and the weight of the hammer. So it is the weight of the rubber band and the weight of the hammer vs the upward force that the hammer gives to the ruler. This is wrong and you are a ******** . Try it yourself
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#79, u just fail... however, u are right, this is faked, if you look, you can see approximately 2cm of ruler on the table which is not at all close enough to support the weight of the hammer, if this exact experiment was attempted to be re-created, there is nothing stopping both the hammer, and the ruler from falling to the right hand side of the picture, which is where they would fall being that that pathway is the path of least resistance, it is extremely unlikely that the ruler would stay as it is being that gravity makes that the path of Most resistance.
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ur doin it rong
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There is a glitch in the matrix!
Agents! everybody GTF0!
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De Ja Vu. oh noes...
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if u see its a triangle keeping it
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captcha - johns lol
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RETARD!!! its spelled nerd
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Well, all sentences should only begin with one upper case letter and should only have one exclamation mark (If one is needed.) showing that you yeld or had some intensity in your sentence. So your sentence should look something like this."Retard! It's spelled nerd."
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What you talkin 'bout Willis?
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this is just like the quarters, it doesn't defy anything. its so controlled that physics still apply. but its kind of cool
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Funnyjunk just made up my mind for me lol, I've seen 4 pic's involving awesome things with physics. I'm definitely taking physics next year.
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my physics is not very fun. all math :(
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#1,you,sir,are a bastard
#2 gods number is 8675 309
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Ok i give up, seriously, how in the hell did you manage that? My problem is the ruler staying on the wood. Either Gorilla glue, God, Chuck Norris, Or just ******* skilled.
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or billy mays
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phisics is scary sometimes
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damn physics you scary!
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