drug problem?. i got this in a txt message. do u think he has a drug problem or another kind of problem? thumbs up if you think this guy has issues.. If The Jonas Brothers smoked weed they would definitely use this. Drugs bong Penis WTF Gay lol


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User avatar #37 - Arsonist (11/04/2009) [-]
If The Jonas Brothers smoked weed they would definitely use this.
#8 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
"you ever suck dick for weed man????"

"well actually....."
User avatar #49 - AngryRedMidget (11/05/2009) [-]
well at least it isnt a ******* GIF....
#52 to #49 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
lol yea most gifs are around that size so when the page loaded i assumed it was a gif i was like ARRGH!!!
#43 - BOOMxHEADSHOTX (11/04/2009) [-]
thats not a problem, it takes BALLS to hit from that pipe. *giggles*
User avatar #7 - DarkVoid (11/04/2009) [-]
i think this guy lost a bet
#10 to #7 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
i hope this guy lost a bet
#22 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
wow nice bong...wait are you gonna use it later to bang your boyfriend?
User avatar #9 - SketchDr (11/04/2009) [-]
WOOOOOOOOOW is all I could come up with. Just WOW.
User avatar #76 - kraftts (11/05/2009) [-]
some one has forgotten that this site is for funny and amazing things. Not some thing that is ridicoulis
User avatar #77 to #76 - katiegirl [OP](11/05/2009) [-]
i'm sorry but i thought a guy hitting a dick bong was funny sorry for wasting your time
#23 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
#25 to #23 - xIIMKIx **User deleted account** (11/04/2009) [-]
#73 - okinasgirl **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#27 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
... what if he's just gay?
Then he doesn't have problems, other than walking straight maybe-
And he's high so he doesn't ******* care.
Captcha- stank.
#12 - xIIMKIx **User deleted account** (11/04/2009) [-]
I've been smoking weed for nearly 12 years and there is no ******* way in hell i'd put my lips on the end of a dick for a buzz
#14 to #12 - Hawild (11/04/2009) [-]
Ive been smoking for 5 years and if ive learnt anything about weed its that sometimes you just gotta suck the sausage
User avatar #48 to #14 - RANDOM GECUBE (11/05/2009) [-]
Well that's fine if your a chick or gay. Are you gay? you have to be gay. ok agreed you gay :)
User avatar #16 to #12 - moonshine (11/04/2009) [-]
thats usually a cokewhore
#32 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
legalize weed
1.Its never killed ANYONE as a result of its use (it has killed people because of crime, gangs and drug dealers selling it)
2. It has never caused cancer in ANYONE (unless that person smoked ciggarettes too)
3. Legalizing it would save the government 13 billion dollars a year in law enforcment costs while at the same time generating 7 billion dollars by taxing the sales of it
4. Legalizing it would take money away from gangs and eliminate the black market for marijuana thus greatly reducing deaths related to crime
5. It is safer than alcohol or tobacco. Both kill MILLIONS of people per year and are still legal.
#40 to #32 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
Only one problem with weed, it causes paranoid skitzofrenia and psycosis from long term use. If it was legalised then most people would use it long term.
#66 to #40 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
If it caused a reduction in spelling errors, I would recommend you get your hands on some right away! ;0)~ Captcha: felon
#47 to #32 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
hey **** you, last time some pot head was high and broke my guitar cause he was high, potheads kill music thats for sure ( i mean instruments not some songs)
User avatar #34 to #32 - katiegirl [OP](11/04/2009) [-]
#33 to #32 - xIIMKIx **User deleted account** (11/04/2009) [-]
6. The worst side effect of Marijuana is imprisonment
#36 to #32 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
the reason alchohol and tobacco kill more is because it is easy to acess. legalize weed and then look at the comparison in a year. dont get me wrong im all for legalizing weed but... theres a lot of downsides
#38 to #36 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
im the one who did post number 32 and weed is not dangerous. in fact 1 in 15 americans use it reguarly and 1 in 3 americans have tried it. studies have shown it does not cause cancer and in some people can actually aid in the prevention of it. there are not many studies like this because if you tell the government you want to do a study that could show a positive side to marijuana, they most likely wont let you do it. and and where i live its easier to get weed than alcohol.
#39 to #38 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
agreed, ive done several reports and it doesnt prevent all cancers, just head and neck cancers.
#62 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
new meaning to smockin cock

captcha: slurp
User avatar #42 - bfender (11/04/2009) [-]
Try the new "uncircumcised" version! Coming to a store near you!

get it? .......Coming to a sto- oh hell nevermind >.<
User avatar #1 - JackSchidt (11/04/2009) [-]
um OK
not sure whether to flag or thumb--but i think ill thumb--this is actually funny albeit disturbing
#68 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
Well, its not steriods..
#65 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
that guy is gay i should bitch slap the gay out of him
#70 to #65 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
kinky, slap me i like it rough
#71 to #70 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
******* FAGGOT
#69 - anon (11/05/2009) [-]
that was... interesting O.o
#26 - anon (11/04/2009) [-]
this aint funny this is gay D:
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