Well played, well played indeed. your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!. r" qt Safari File Edit View History Window Help I t RP E Me
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Well played, well played indeed

your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!

r" qt Safari File Edit View History Window Help I t RP E Men 12: 37: -is a -n
Omegle Conversation log
i' cu' re new chatting with a randam stranger. Say hll
Official messages tram Omegle will net be sent with the label ‘Strangest Strangers claiming m represent Omegle are lying.
fen: i smell emitted slivers of pigs
Etta war: with er appendages meant fer flight
fen: with thine appendages
Stranger: 'contact of the
fen: Else raises hand fer fingerling *
Stranger: Most agreeable!
fen: indeed!
Stranger: What is it that rigs you m a site such as this at the witching hour?
fen: well with nothing ether m do, i decided m wander the lands of omegle
Etta war: it is a similar fate i must endure, I long m receive mine box of x hem its man nfacts. r rer
fen: these beetis of x are indeed intriguing, though it seems that i have displaced a rather faverite inserts device
Stranger: Might I inquire as m the title of said inserts device‘?
fen: well it is the third of the nuclear holocaust series
Stranger: a veritable classic m be sure, I we have lest one of my own virtual media devices m, one that is greatly enjoyed by myself
fen: and what might it' s title be?
Stranger: it is a masterpiece of art and prediction value known only as The Game'
Stranger: difficulties?
fen: well it seems that i have fallen into a rather well played trap
fen: a well played trap indeed
fen: but, difficulties not faund here
Stranger: I thank you fer your most gracious werds
fen: indeed i thank you fer yours Ewell, but i must say i should be off
fen: cheerio
fen have disconnected.
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#1 - anonymous (08/30/2010) [-]
So i was talking to cleverbot, and i herd that my father smelled of elderberries. I was like, WHAT THE **** .
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