How To Survive Monster Version. Monster version, hope you like!<br /> Part 4: /funny_pictures/938580/How+To+Survive+Part+4/<br /> Part 1: /funny_pic How to survive monster version Vampire Zombie werewolf
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How To Survive Monster Version

Monster version Stteam
Go for the head! A blunt object is
good, and so is a gun. DON' T
LIGHT IT ON FIRE! Then you got
a fire zombie on your' hands.
There is ussually more, so get out
of the area before others arrive.
Act sick or dead, werewolves
don' t eat the diseased. Knowing
this, inducing vomiting is a good
way. As everyone knows, silver
can kill these beasts, so start
investing in silver weapons now.
Like humans, Vampire' s groin and
eyes are sensitive, so go for them
if you have to. A flashlight can
confuse them. Basically, you have
two choices here: A stake to the
heart, or running like hell... good
Get on your' knees to show
submission, and then grab some
dirt. Throw it in its eyes, which
will confuse him... but also make
Hope you liked! Any ideas for my
next How to Survive on Attack?
Let me know!( No more monsters)
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