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User avatar #78 - cmm (08/20/2010) [-]
derp not all Christians are the butthurt faggots who force **** down others throats. I am Christian and I've even had a satanist (a REAL satanist) friend
User avatar #131 to #78 - JSismyname (08/21/2010) [-]
then you my friend, are only a pretend christian. you like to think you are a christian because you are afraid to go to hell when you die. I will make the assumption the you have never even read the holy bible. And your friend, did they sacrifice living things (animals, or even people) to satan? I honestly don't think so. I may get thumbed down, but it's worth it to point this out, and i am well aware that since this is the internet your entire reply could be a fabrication of utter lies. Good day.
User avatar #167 to #131 - cmm (08/21/2010) [-]
One other thing, that comment was made to point out that not all Christian try to shove there religion down others throats like many claim. Which i find hypocritical when Atheists actually are bringing up how EPIC STUPIDZ YOUR BELIEVESZZZ AREZ LULZ more than Christians. Then complain about Christians beinging pushy.
User avatar #478 to #167 - JSismyname (08/21/2010) [-]
Athiests, unlike Christians, can not be "Tarred with the same brush", because Athiesm doesn't have a book teeling you exactly what to do. The bible says spread the word of christ, and as a true christian, you would do that and most of them enjoy doing it (I personaly i am very against it, as you appear to be as well). Athiests do not have anything telling them what to do, so where as you can say Christians "shove their religion down people's throats", as you put it (because they are told to do so in the bible), you can not say Athiests do, because not all Athiests do that, some certainly do of course, but not all. There is no universal rule for Athiests to do that so you can't assume they all do.
User avatar #166 to #131 - cmm (08/21/2010) [-]
I said **** to him about it before, he got pissed, I dropped it. I have read alot of the Bible, but not all of it. And when it was a couple of years ago when I read it. I do not give a **** what others choose to believe. Its there choice.
#153 to #131 - anon (08/21/2010) [-]
i am a chrisitan and i have had a couple athiest friends, i bet cmm tried to help their friend, like i did with mine but all cmm was pointing out is not all christians are fags or ********* or whatever, and you my fried do not know what a real christian is.
User avatar #110 to #78 - Kestin (08/21/2010) [-]
Then you , my friend, are a good Christian.
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