World wor two. thumbs up<br /> and dont thumbs down cuz i say that a lot of people do that<br /> and COMMENT<br /> idk if its a repost.. This made my day. Go suck a Dick Fatty lose some weight You look like freaking Whale

World wor two

thumbs up<br />
and dont thumbs down cuz i say that a lot of people do that<br />
and COMMENT<br />
idk if its a repost

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Submitted: 10/25/2009
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User avatar #42 - Monopolus (10/26/2009) [-]
This made my day.
User avatar #20 - Gotta Be KD (10/26/2009) [+] (10 replies)
i like how canada looks like it has down syndrome
#14 - jesusfish (10/26/2009) [-]
that cartoon sure tickled my fancy. AMERICA KICKS ASS!
User avatar #17 - powrtoch (10/26/2009) [-]
Nice tags.
#6 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [+] (9 replies)
how long have Americans thought that WWII was only won because of them? bizarre

captcha : spoil
User avatar #13 to #6 - Dragonmatsta (10/26/2009) [-]
Well if it wasnt for America Britain would not have been able to hold out and push back, so It was when the Americans responded to winston churchills request for help that the German's started losing the war. ( and getting completely anal raped by the Russians lol)

Btw i'm English ao yeah.....

Captcha: maori??
User avatar #3 - Suck My Anus (10/26/2009) [-]
that sir, was epic
#57 - anonymous (10/31/2009) [-]
it all makes sense now
User avatar #56 - aikochan (10/26/2009) [-]
This is a lot better than my world history class's version
#55 - immortal **User deleted account** (10/26/2009) [-]
thats to long is what that is
#53 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
#52 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
ill help you! BOOM!!!!!!
#51 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
History major, lol'ing like nuts over here.
+1000 Internets for YOU sir.
#36 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
I'd thumb it but I can't tell what the hell's happening half the time =/
#35 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
Best part: Russia failing to invade Finland.
#34 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
lol at the bottom lithuainia is all like f u hilter and ty america xD
#33 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
I love this ******* world. Russia, France, England, Poland, Australia, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, China, CANADA, and Finland. They all kick ass.

Seriously, you can't say that they have, in one point or another, every country out there has had an era of badassity.

Captcha: Union
#32 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
Would be beyond awesome if I could read most of it.
#28 - popoman (10/26/2009) [-]
awesome notes.
#27 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [-]
ooh look how many kids where killed then my troop went in a RAPED THE BODIES
#25 - anonymous (10/26/2009) [+] (1 reply)
i loled for like half an hour at the picture where Japan has been blown to **** and china was like O_O WTF WAS THAT?! and has an epic look on it's face. this picture=epic win.
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